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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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I must admit that as I've gotten older I've maybe toned down the number of one night stands somewhat. Maybe it's all the porn I watch that to blame? On the one hand, it makes you horny, on the other hand, you beat off enough times to it and you almost don't need the real thing. Almost... At any rate, my days as a self-proclaimed Shagaholic are probably past, even without passing a stint in rehab.

Still, I do remember that unique new partner smell. Unlike new car smell, it can't be bottled and also it doesn't come from the possibly harmful combination odor of over 50 volatile organic compounds outgassing from various plastics and their adhesives. I guess it depends on what the person you meet wears for cologne or if you do it in the backseat of a new vehicle. Anyway, Shagaholic promises the chance to keep your encounters novel by delivering tons of local hookups.

Now as far going locally, the site is designed for people living in the following countries: the U.S. and U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and last but not least Ireland. Other nations are listed as possible search locations, so I'm not sure what actual restrictions apply if you try to sign up from elsewhere. At any rate, you can do free local searches after completing some truly basic steps in under a minute.

Still, that doesn't necessarily bode well for the quality of the profiles you're going to find. You are prompted to fill out more info every time you sign in until yours is complete and they also let you know that it won't show up in search results until you add a photo. However, I can tell you that you get bombarded almost immediately with chat invites even if your profile is basically completely blank.

I had a similar experience on another dating site Up For It run by the same parent company. I recently updated that site's review, so lo and behold my test accounts on both sites are getting lots of emails, winks and invitations to chat. One thing that I do appreciate is at least I had to set up two separate accounts and I couldn't merely use the same login for both. That means that the two aren't simply sharing a single database of profiles. Both sites also offer live cams that are premium services with paid models and that can mean a model might be trying to drum up customers by listing herself among the regular members.

I believe this site is relatively new in comparison with the other, so it's really not garnering nearly as much traffic when I check on an independent site that tracks that kind of thing. Still my biggest concern is the response to my almost completely blank profile with no photo - It's definitely a buyer beware situation, because I'd have to pay to have any real conversation with anyone. In the end, Shagaholic might be worth a quick look, because, again, it takes no time to join and do searches. Anything more than that and you'll want to really be sure that at least some local members seem like the real deal.

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  • Comment by: Bruce

    Score: 1% Date: 08/18/2013

    This is the same site as As soon as you join you get a bunch of fake e-mails because you can't look at them until you give them your credit card. They are computer generated just to get your attention. What a fake!