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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Sex Date 4 Me has a super slick look. You will see an ethereal scene of an imaginary forest filled with sexy babes that look like topless woodland nymphs. Contemporary lounge music plays in the background and no words are sung, but suggestive little breathy moans punctuate the mellow beat. Like most sex dating sites, it is selling fantasy and of course, the suggestion of intimate adventure. A lack of any male satyrs or centaurs also makes its audience seem perhaps one sided.

In the end, it's more than a surface gimmick. It is trying to lure the paying half of its membership in. You see women can join SexDate4Me and get free premium access. Men can check it out free, but then need to pay to go to the next level. That may seem unfair to some and yet personally I know many women who have been willing to try out adult dating services with less inhibition when they didn't have to commit to paying for them.

The gents certainly can have a look around before spending any money. They can sign up in no time at all, because there's little information that you have to input. That part is easy, but what aren't so easy are the searches. I find the wording on some of the search functions are a bit confusing. Quick searches are easy, but advanced ones are a bit trickier. Eventually, you can narrow them down to select cities in a province or state within a long list of countries.

Extras include personal blogs and forums. Some member-submitted clips and pics are quite explicit. Basic text-based chat rooms appear to be free. Premium services besides email include instant messaging and creative 3D chat rooms. You show up as a computer-generated avatar on colorful backdrops. One looks like a club, another is poolside and one is a "lovely" battlefield, because all is fair in love and war of course.

As a guy, it's a bit discouraging that even to reply to a message from a paying member you need to pay. This site also has a way to go as far as attracting visitors to its pages. At least, membership is fairly reasonably priced. Sex Date 4 Me could be fun to check out and isn't too pricey for men, while women can fully enjoy it free of charge.

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