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By: Rabbit
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Mature Date Link is one of those chat sites where you create a profile, check out other people’s profiles and chat with new people in the hopes that you’ll find who you’re looking for. Unfortunately, the hope of finding that special someone using this site doesn’t look good.

You can create a free profile on MatureDateLink and use the message boards, but you’re cut off from sending messages or from using the live chat feature unless you pay. This means you can’t contact other members, which is the main function of any dating site.

It’s understandable that the site needs to make money, but preventing nonpaying users from sending messages limits the interaction of paying members. However, it’s impossible to tell who’s a paying member and who created a free profile. In other words, if you contact people and they don’t respond, is it because they’re not interested, or because they simple can’t respond to anyone?

Considering the number of profiles that came up, it appears as though there are a lot of people who use this site. Chat sites are supposed to ease the difficulties of dating, not make the situation more complicated, so on that count Mature Date Link fails, as is the case with its many sister sites, such as the fully reviewed Adult Date Link.

Creating a free profile allows you to use the message boards, however the topics are dominated by people just looking for sex right now. Plus, from what I could tell the users are from all over the U.S., so it’s difficult to find someone on the message boards who lives near you.

This site has potential. It has an attractive design, a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up an account, and it’s actually fun to fill out the forms to create a profile. However, the site needs to provide more free access or else members, including the paying ones, will go to sites that don’t charge for the same services.

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  • Comment by: Bsmoove301

    Score: 20% Date: 08/30/2011

    This site is very user friendly but unfoortunately that's the only good thing about it. All of the responses I recieved were from "working girls" or foreigners looking for green cards. Neither of the 2 were within 100 miles of me although they post local profiles but are out of town for a few weeks lol. I purchased a membership but canceled after 2 months because of reasons stated above. Site has potential but as of now it's basically works like a used car salesman

  • Comment by: Steve

    Score: 40% Date: 05/29/2011

    I'm almost 50 yrs old so created a profile on MatureDateLink to try to find someone my age or older.As someone else said it's easy and fun to create the profile, but after i did that I still wasn't able to even look at individual profiles until i purchased a membership. I've never experienced that before, that's ridiculous. I wouldn't have purchased a membership, but the site tricked me into doing so by sending me emails to say so and so was interested and had sent me an email. I logged in and wasn't able to read any of the emails, so at that point I purchased a monthly membrshp for about $30. My full mailbox turned out to be spam, or false emails pretending to be real people. It is a senior dating site and all these emails were from beautiful young women. However, as a result of being tricked by Mature Date Link I did spend 4 hours viewing ads of hundreds of real women my own age, so that is one good thing about the site- it has a lot of older members. ANOTHER WORD OF CAUTION THOUGH !! When I purchased my membership i was observant enough to uncheck a small box at bottom of page next to fine print where I agreed to start a FREE trial membership to a TEEN Site (can you believe it, a senior date site and they're trying to peddle that crap?) It was free for the first month then I'd be billed $33 monthly. Then while I was on the MDL site pop up windows kept appearing asking me to accept free memberships and I kept clicking DECLINE, but obvoiusly I missed one because I received an email saying I had activated a free trial membership to some site I've never heard of. I called the non toll free # on the email and got a customer service rep to block his company from charging my card for what I hadn't agreed to purchase. I asked him what the site was I was almost charged for and I heard him say XXX PORN something. And he wasn't even with Mature Date Link but some subsidiary company. Mature Date Link is EVIL!!! As Desiderada says "Beware the world is full of trickery".