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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Man List is a relative newcomer to the world of gay online dating. It has some extra features to pique your interest, like a blog with posts of interest to gay men and an online guide to gay porn. It has a simple enough design and is quite easy to use, but there are ads on every page that are a bit distracting. They don't go away even if you upgrade, so that's annoying.

Signing up to ManList is rather quick and painless process. I am glad that you do need to write a bit about yourself and whom you want to meet, although you can skip most other dropdowns and other information fields. You'll notice that they only ask you for a U.S. zip code, if you live in Canada or the U.K., you can manually type in the name of your city though.

That should make it clear that only Americans can get really accurate search results, because there's too much room for error when Canadian, British or other international members enter in their info. I did a test search for "Montreal" in Canada for example and even though I spelled it the way several members had, it didn't return any results until I widened the search to within 100 miles of that city.

You can see full profiles, last login details and small thumbnails of any photos that the guys have uploaded without paying. If interested in someone you could let him know by adding him to your list of buddies and he'll need to approve your request. You can also use chat rooms for free. Any actual contact with someone requires paying for the reasonably-priced upgrade, whether you're replying to or sending a message.

Now surfers have commented on our review of Amateur Match another site run by the same company that not all profiles appear genuine. I obviously can't vouch for each and every profile here as being real, but it does seem to be more likely the case. Having seen the other site, I would say that it's the women that tend to seem unreal. They also don't promote paid live cams here quite as heavily and so you're less likely to find performers trolling for customers.

This site isn't getting a lot of traffic, but as I said previously, apparently it hasn't been around for that long. Still, it's really not going to get you any action unless you pay, but upgrading is quite inexpensive and brings you the added benefit of full access to all member photos, including some rather X-rated albums. It's fast and easy to sign up to Man List, so you can always check to see if there's much activity in your local area.

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  • Comment by: Jackson2

    Score: 95% Date: 04/04/2011

    This site has a great interface. I have used a lot of other web sites and this one is superior to all of them. Even though its a brand new it has a lot of great features.I was able to see a lot of full profiles. I got in contact with a few users and they were pretty nice. One of the cons that I seen was it was pretty hard to find a match within your search radius unless you put it in a bigger range.

    But that is a subjective result because it really depends on your location. Besides..we need to see that its still a new web site. Each time I do a search I always see new people popping up. Since I'm from an area where there is not much people around, (suburbs) I don't get much results but I do see new ones.

    I was able to go to the chat and speak to a few members too. The thing about the chat is you need to log in the right time when there is a lot of members on to maximize your time. I would totally stay with this site since I can see it growing!