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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Have you ever known a couple of people who just couldn't get along? Me and one of my buddies, we always joke when we see folks squabbling, "They should just do it, already!" That little tidbit came to mind, because this adult dating site is called Just Hook Up. Its goal maybe isn't to help us all get along, but it could cut whatever sexual tension you're feeling so you're less edgy in general.

Some sex-dating sites are kind of coy about their mission or at least when it comes to choosing what you're looking for, they offer the same romantic options as the sites where most people are looking for something longer term and not so casual. On JustHookUp, you can choose "open to a relationship" but it's pretty clear that most members are looking for hookups as the sitename would imply.

You know how you're not supposed to go grocery shopping if you're hungry, because your judgment will be clouded and you'll end up buying junk food? Well, I'd say that if you're horny going into this site (and you naturally would be if you're going online to try to get laid), you might get waylaid by some of the sexy ads selling porn, live cams and even penis enlargement. Try to stay focused.

You're going to need to be on your toes, because you will be inundated with a few emails and winks from hot babes immediately upon signing up even if you leave your profile blank and don't include a photo. I will say that in my case at least one of the ladies requested a pic from me and all of the women who contacted me were at least in my geographical area. That made it seem less blatantly spam.

I would still be careful though, because only searches are free (limited to first 60 matches), so you must upgrade to reply or send emails (even full access to the forums and blogs requires it). At least you can get the results narrowed down to within five miles of your home location, but I couldn't find a way to search another city or to even change the one that I gave when I signed up, so travelers might just be out of luck.

You also can only look for members of the opposite sex and that's determined by the gender you input when you first sign up. There's an option to say that you're looking for threesome or group action and you can set your status to married or in a relationship, but I don't find that selecting those things would really make it clear if you were a couple looking to me another couple or individual.

They will really push for you to upgrade by placing various discount offers at the top of the homepage. For the purposes of this review I am going to put the initial price that I saw, the regular price is supposedly higher, but I think discounts are ongoing. In fact, I'll tell you that I was offered an even better deal within an hour of creating my account.

One thing the site has going in its favor is that it appears to get a lot of visitors and even if that doesn't necessarily translate into everyone who checks it out becoming an active member, it tends to help generate a better chance of meeting someone just based on generally increasing the odds. All in all though, Just Hookup really requires paying before playing, but at least you can see a free partial list of who's up for it.

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