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By: Rabbit
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Gay Date Link promises to be the sexiest gay dating site. Maybe it’s true, but you’ll never know without a paid account.

With the sites we normally review, paying for access is common practice. The sites give you something to sample, a little tease you could say, in hopes you’ll get a taste for the site and buy in. But dating sites are different. They are not about selling you content, such as videos and photographs, but providing a service that allows you to connect with other people.

That's why the free profile feature at GayDateLink is so disappointing. The initial experience gets you excited about meeting new people, but it is only after creating a free profile that you realize you can’t connect unless you pay for a membership.

The site is easy to use. I didn’t have any problems creating a profile. There are only two sections where you have to write at least 100 words. The rest of the questions are drop-down menus that give you responses to choose from, which makes getting starting quick.

However, I found the stock answers in the pull-down menus somewhat limiting. As just one example, it asks what your ideal place to live is, but if you prefer to live in a city you’re only option is to live in a loft. The questionnaire could improve by allowing you to write in you’re your response if you feel none of the answers apply to you.

I also thought that some of the questions that ask detailed information about religion, financial status and political viewpoint can kill the fun. You have the option not to answer every question, but it would be even better if answered questions didn’t appear in your profile so you could focus attention on what you want.

As said before, once you’ve created your free profile, there’s not much else you can do on the site unless you pay. You can search for other profiles but you can’t click on them to read more detailed information. More importantly, you can’t send messages or use the live chat, which means you can’t connect to the other users.

Presumably guys with paid accounts can send you messages, but there’s no way to know how many of the “100s of guys live now” have paid accounts. Even if you upgrade to paid, chances are the guy on the other end won’t be able to send you a message. Moreover, databases of members are shared across the entire network, so you're looking through folks who joined for example the previously reviewed Adult Date Link.

The fact that you can’t communicate with other profiles with a free account means you’re not getting much at all for free. The services on this site, no doubt, work better once you’ve paid the fees. Howeevr, with the number of chat sites out there that allow you to send and receive messages free of charge (although other features may be limited), better options are available for connecting with other gay guys.

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