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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Don't you think that it's funny when TV shows want to reference a social networking site but can't use the real name? They often combine ideas from a few sites and then come out with something, like My Face Page. Well, if the televisions writers were looking to make up a name for a site where the people you add end up being friends with benefits then Bang Book would be a great one. Well, it would be except for the fact that it isn't a made up concept, but an actual site you can join.

I appreciate when a site like BangBook tries to choose a design that resembles that all-powerful social networking giant, but then tweaks it enough to avoid any lawsuit. This site's interface is red instead, so I guess maybe "FB blue" is an official trademarked color? I kind of wondered how different members' profiles would look, but I can't seem to access any of them fully. So when they say a free membership offers "limited" access that seems like an understatement.

The only thing that you seem to be able to do for free really is search locally. In the case of the U.S., you can use zip codes, while in the U.K. and Canada you can type in the name of a city instead. You have the option of results that are supposed to be citywide, although it's not entirely clear what that means. I assume that it might be the greater metropolitan area for most locations. You can also narrow down by a less vague distance as close as 10 miles.

You can browse some members' albums with pics and vids that are rather explicit, but the moment you try to click a thumbnail to enlarge the image or play the footage, you'll be prompted to upgrade. It makes it kind of hard to judge how real some of the posts are. I mean it's possible that all the members here are truly amateur exhibitionists, but there are loads of pussy closeups and that's not typical coming from you average women. There are cock shots too, but those are a dime a dozen on any sex dating site.

There's a new feed when you first sign in and just like FB you can change your privacy settings as well as filter who is displayed in the feed. You will also find a toolbar across the bottom of the page that allows you to access things like chat rooms. It also allows you to turn on/off safe mode to control whether you can see explicit images. There are also links to Twitter and Facebook, if you want to share your adult dating adventures with the world at large.

Checking for independent information regarding the number of visitors to this site's pages reveals a modest amount of traffic. I think that if they want to generate more interest that they should allow you to see complete profiles before you upgrade. It is also unclear whether you can respond free to paid members' messages and that's kind of crucial in my mind. In the end, Bang Book has free local searches, but that seems like all you can check out without paying a competitive upgrade fee.

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