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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 26
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One surfer commented that he found Swingers Date Club somewhat difficult to navigate and implied it was regional. He may have been implying certain regions have more ads than others do on this otherwise truly international site. As far as navigation, there's a lot to see and it's rather graphic intensive so perhaps a little slow to work your way through but I think most everyone can figure it, out. Other comments have been positive and I find that having some free access to email for the first day before paying gives you at least a glimpse into the site's potential. is where you and your partner can come out of your corner swinging in a raucous tag teaming romp. It might not be so rough as to require headgear although slipping on the gloves is always a good idea. But joke metaphors aside, this site is certainly more couples oriented than some of the other swinger personals are. It does its best to ensure that both of you are comfortable and never feel harassed by perverts or the simply curious bystanders. When you take that step to decide to share the one you love with someone else, you want to be sure just exactly what you’re risking and feel safe about what choices you're making.

Lots of options for rookies or pros to try out here and we had a free ten day trial giving us access to everything for starters. There are plenty of ways of meeting like-minded couples for fun multi-explicities. You've got the private SDC online e-mail, which includes some handy features, like blocking any male singles from responding to your couple's ad. Let's face it many of us don't mind an extra hen in the house, but we want to be the only cock in the coop, so to speak. I mean there's open-minded and then there's what you're truly comfortable doing and it isn't always the same, which is okay and saves a dog or two's time from barking up the wrong tree. You can also block out trial members so you're not wasting time with the non-serious or inaccessible profiles.

We enjoyed the chat, message boards and instant messaging options, which allowed us to make some pretty fast friends both in public and private. We were notified by e-mail each time we were added to a member's favorites. Couples who become full members of Swingers Date Club can also send invitations to members whom they find interesting, again this service is blocked from singles or non-pay members, which maintains a high level of couple-friendly integrity. A feature that we hadn’t seen elsewhere is the ability to validate profiles to let other people know that the person or persons outlined within are legitimate and the description is truthful, definitely adds to both our sense of community, security and safety.

Obviously you want to put your best foot or in our case, feet forward, so it was a real advantage to have the option of adding an audio greeting and a video introduction to our profile. With all this great exposure coming our way, we were curious how much it was going to cost us if we decided to continue after the ten days. It was a real surprise to find that for just under $200 US we could become lifetime members. That's not the kind of offer you find anywhere else and let’s face it once a swinger always a swinger, like riding a bicycle built for two, once you’ve tried it, you on board for life.

Visit Swingers Date Club to double your pleasure times two.

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  • Comment by: Rhonda and billy

    Score: N/A Date: 01/12/2013

    I need to know how to get my free ten day trial?
    Reply from RabbitsReviews (Date:01/14/2013): According to the homepage of the site, simply register for your free account. Also, it states that the trial is for seven days and not 10. We sent you an email as well.

  • Comment by: Missy p

    Score: 100% Date: 10/26/2012

    Everyone is real and down to earth. As a woman I thought I would get a lot of nonsense responses, but I was surprise how many couples were on there. The guys are generally straight forward, and aren't just looking for a FMF threesome. Most men seem to have no issue in sharing, more so with swinging. I might have lucked out, I found a couple who were looking to start a swinging group of their own, more so a racial based one. Within forty five days we started a pretty solid group with 14 people.
    Everyone was very good about presenting a current STD test, we do want to grow the group, but right now there are only me and four other women, so we are currently looking for 2-3 other women which would allow us to add 4-5 guys. We plan on having one smaller party and one larger party every month, but are fully aware that it's hard to get that many people together.
    I did meet up with another group and they were nice, but not too much into the racial aspect. Black on white. So far it's been great, I really have to hand it to the guys. In my experiences guys in that setting have an issue going where another guy went, or afraid that their dicks may touch. None of the guys freak out if that happens which makes it better for me and the female swingers. If you really are into swinging this is a great site

  • Comment by: FloridaFun

    Score: 100% Date: 11/11/2009

    SDC is great. More than I can say about other swingers sites that claim to be the best. Most of the others are full of fake profiles and a waste of time. Sweets is right, seems like they put alot of effort into keeping the fakes away. Keep up the great work SDC!

  • Comment by: Sweets

    Score: 100% Date: 09/09/2009

    Texascouple is correct that SDC has more real couples than any other swingers website out there. It seems like SDC puts alot of effort into policing the fake profiles, which is something the other sites should do. They also have the best parties with the best looking people.