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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Sexy Ads seems to be considerably more popular in Australia compared to anywhere else and it has seen quite a steep decline in its popularity among Americans. It kind of seems stuck back in its heyday as far as design goes, because it really looks like something that you would have seen maybe 10 years ago. It not only looks a bit outdated, it also appears a bit homemade.

They used to provide rather detailed information about what was offered for free versus what you got with a paid VIP membership and even what you got additionally free after you stopping paying for a subscription. Most of that information seems to be gone, although I can tell you that chat, blogs and forums seem to be free for everyone on SexyAds.

I also have some clue as what paying for a VIP membership will bring you, because if you try to do something that isn't free then you'll be prompted to upgrade with a promise of the following features. You can contact anyone and everyone can reply back or initiate contact with you. You'll be able to see the most explicit member-submitted photos (in their full size) and videos that otherwise are blocked.

You also get advanced search features after paying and otherwise you're limited to searches covering entire states/provinces of a country. It's not really clear though whether the distance feature can narrow things down to a specific city or not and certainly doesn't seem to let you use a zip or postal code as a starting point.

I notice that some surfers have negative things to say about your chances of making genuine connections. I am currently making a return visit to the site after a relatively lengthy amount of time away and I certainly don't feel as if I've triggered off a sudden flood of spam. So I will have to give you my opinion based on what is maybe anecdotal evidence, but still relevant in my opinion.

On a lot of sleeker and flashier sites, the profiles can often seem suspect, because the people in them look too perfect. Actually to be more cynical about it, it's normally the women who look like models while the male members appear to be everyday guys. Here I would say there seem to be lots of folks who could be the real deal whether you look at the ladies or the gents.

I also feel as if there's a real sense of community given the various free ways to interact with your fellow members. I don't know if that's always going to help you get laid, but hey, it does at least let you know that not everyone on the site is a webcam girl trolling for customers (they specifically that any commercial profiles they know about will be blocked).

In the end, Sexy Ads isn't the slickest site on the market, but it's quite inexpensive to join for full access. That's been the case for quite some time, so it's not one of those suspect deals where they suck you in and then they jack up the price once you get into it.

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  • Comment by: hardy

    Score: 10% Date: 02/10/2011

    Beware - it's skeezer central at sexy ads. Nasty beyond my wildest expectation. Not worth the money. Many, many better sites out there for hooking up. If you don t mind what you re messing with online - dumpy, old, or maybe even dudes - enjoy, because that sums up the sexy ads experience. Ugh. Run far, far away.

  • Comment by: Dick

    Score: 83% Date: 11/23/2010

    Good Site the presentation, search options, and navigation are all good. Free access is what makes me prefer Backpage and LosAngelesAdult for escorts and general sex hookups.

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 20% Date: 01/08/2010

    This site is all about taking your money and has nothing to do with meeting people for actual sex. I get a better response at the local library.