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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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It has been over a year since I last visited Sex 2 Go and very little has changed, except perhaps my opinion on some issues that seemed unclear before. I recently discovered that the database of profiles is shared across multiple sex dating sites that belong to the same network. That doesn't necessarily clarify completely whether they are legitimate or not but it does lower their value a bit in my scoring. The bonus site that is included in paid memberships has changed to 6 Buck Models. Otherwise, it still includes links to service that would require further spending to completely enjoy. Overall, even with the porn bonus it continues to dubiously pricey. is definitely aimed at men who want to meet women for sex only. Many other dating sites try to cater to more than just one kind of clientele but this one makes no bones about its simple goal. Boasting over 100,000 horny ladies looking to get laid this site claims to be the place "2 go" if you want pussy.

The word "real" figures predominately in the site's advertising. The profiles I checked out did seem replete with spelling errors and personal sounding phrasing, but I wasn’t sure if every single one was really genuine. For instance, one woman’s profile proclaimed how she liked to go for walks on the beach, although she lived in a city that has no beaches, nor is it even beach adjacent. Maybe I just find it all a bit too good to be true, finding that many sluts all in one place, but it is free for women to join and the database is shared between several portals so maybe, just maybe that's why there are so many ladies on board. I am a cautious believer, horny or not.

Now discretion is supposedly the better part of valour but when you want to fuck fast, you need something quicker than e-mail to get the job done whether the bitch is attached or single. Sex 2 Go does offer a couple options, although there is no instant messaging system. You have a choice between setting up a private text-based chat room and starting a video chat room. If someone else has already opened a chat and is accepting other members then it will appear as an option to join that room. You can even throw little online party by allowing access up to 6 members to join your private conversation.

There are few extra diversions advertised on the site, but they are not included with your membership fee, like the I’m Live Web site with video chat and the amateur phone sex available at CallXXX. I kind of resent advertising that is included like a regular link, but it's not like you can accidentally be charged so it more of an annoyance of principals than anything else. There is however a bonus porn site included for your membership that you can freely access, called Orgasmageddon. It offers lots of hot galleries and videos to check out. There was enough quality content from the bonus porn site to make up for my slighted feelings regarding the advert links. There is also a pharmacy link and an online store.

Other than browsing casually through women’s profile headings, as a man you're going to need to sign up for a paid membership otherwise the site has little to offer you.

Visit Sex 2 Go to bring home your online fantasy women today.

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