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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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My Black Book is a sex dating site that looks very sleek when you land on its splash page. It has a black background and the image of someone's black book with the interlocking male and female symbols in gold with a fountain pen lying across it. There is a photo of a beautiful blonde woman sipping coffee in cafe apparently awaiting her date. All of it is very visually appealing, but once you get inside, you will feel transported to a simpler time, when dialup modems were still commonplace.

Yes, it will take you only seconds to signup, because only a username, password, birth date and email address are required. You don't even have to verify your email, because you can then immediately sign in and see that the site looks like it hasn't been updated in design since the late 90s. I don't think that MyBlackBook has been around that long though, but at any rate, even if it doesn't look great it works well enough.

There's not much to do though until you upgrade. You are limited to free local searches by U.S. zip code only and your results can be narrowed down to within 10 miles. All other countries are limited to nation-wide results. I can't tell you if you get any added way of looking for a city with the advanced search, because you need to pay for that feature and there's not even a grayed out preview.

The same goes for chat, member videos, some porn content and member blogs, although some of these do give you some sort of extremely limited preview. Additionally, you can't read emails until you pay, even if they come from a paid member. That really limits the potential for meeting someone, whether you're a free member or even if you upgrade, because both players got to pay to play.

That last point brings up an important issue, because I got an email almost immediately upon signing up to get inside. Keep in mind that I had no photo, no written description, not stats beyond my age and not even my location was filled out. I would have had to pay if I wanted to reply, although I did appreciate how the company mentioned that replying in a timely fashion would help me get laid faster.

I don't think that this site is getting a lot of traffic, although the fact that you can do so little without paying probably causes folks to lose interest fast. My Black Book takes no time to join, so if you're curious I guess you could try it out, but unless you pay there's not much to see.

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