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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
Number of Reviews: 26
Average Score: 75

The score for Amateur Match is going up slightly this time around, because the design has improved as well as the search options for those not living in the U.S. Still, there continues to be a lot of negative feedback from our surfers, so I would suggest that you take some of what they've said into consideration.

For myself, I immediately see four "buddy requests" from attractive women after creating a new AmateurMatch account. Now, I would have to pay to send any message and I find it fishy to get instant attention like that. I did have to write a bit about me and the person I'm seeking so my profile isn't blank. Still, I have no photo and two of the girls used the same introduction lines in their profiles.

You'll also notice that "live cams" and "live sex" are heavily promoted webcam services that will require you to pay for private chats. Some surfers complain of being pressured by female "members" to sign up to these features. There are also member chat rooms and I can't be sure, but some of the women chatting look like they could be cam performers who might suggest you meet them on the paid cam side of the things.

Encouraged or merely tolerated by the site's operators, it's something you need to guard against. As one surfer mentioned, you need to use common sense. If you get messages supposedly from your local area and then verify the usernames only to find that they don't live anywhere near you that should raise a red flag. However, another surfer contends, he still made some legitimate contacts after sorting through the bogus ones.

One thing that is a definite improvement is that before you could only do local searches by U.S. zip codes, but it is possible to enter a city for other locations, like the U.K. and Canada. You actually just type the name in yourself. A dropdown with standard names for locations would be more effective, because people do make typos or may enter a suburb rather than urban center.

As a free member, you have access to written descriptions, but not to full-sized profile pics. As already explained, adding someone as a buddy is a free way to show interest. Premium members get full access to members' photos, some porn action, including streaming videos, photo galleries and XXX computer games. Premium members also can contact one another using chat, instant messaging and email.

Not to seem glib, but "buyer beware" is my motto on any site. Even seemingly "legitimate" sites send advertising that resembles responses from fellow members. Amateur Match still offers the chance to make genuine connections, if you're smart about verifying profiles before spending any money.

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Latest Comments

  • Comment by: Form Law

    Score: 1% Date: 08/01/2012

    Reviewing the ‘contract’ published by Amateur Match that one must accept when joining and paying a fee is to a large part an invalid contract! Unfortunately, most if not all ever read or study the contract beforehand. However; the central point of said contract is the word “entertainment” using a logo OC! The legal term / definition of entertainment (in short) are; one pay's a fee to be entertained and, walk away with something or, being entertained! In the case of Amateur Match! However, most of the profiles or all do not exist in real terms and, and are or may be fabricated. In addition, a novas person will not understand the total relevance of said contract in that too, your / their email address will be sold on the open market as a second part as additional revenue source! In essence; this is becoming a norm of adult web sites.

  • Comment by: SAL C

    Score: 4% Date: 07/09/2012

    Okay, heres the skinny. You can tell who the planted girls are by the icon in the corner of thier bio :-) Click on it and brings you to the agrement. Now if u find girls with the MARK OF THE BEAST HEHEH they are reall ive hooked up with couple now :) Overall disapointing but I find myself hunting for my next partner every other day hehehe Crazy ,took me while to figure it all out but ill never pat for them again.

  • Comment by: Spazz

    Score: 1% Date: 02/19/2012

    I choose a 3 month membership figuring that it would take some time to actually meet someone. What I found was extremely disappointing. There are several types of women who create profiles on this site.
    1. Women from other countries like Africa or somewhere in Eastern Europe. These women claim to be in Chicago, Madison, etc but they are not.
    2. Webcam girls
    3. Escort
    4. Women who use this site to advertise for other XXX personal sites.

    I have requested a refund a couple of times now but, "that is not in their policy to give refunds."

    Do yourself a favor and avoid this site

  • Comment by: Iloveinternet

    Score: 1% Date: 02/19/2012

    Amateur Match is a scam, plain and simple. The fact that they are actually allowed to operate in the USA is astounding. These bastards need to be investigated for fraud.

  • Comment by: Cevian

    Score: 5% Date: 10/25/2011

    I agree with the majority of the reviewers. This site is a SCAM. I joined for a month in May 2011 as a paying member after I was bombarded with emails from supposedly horny women who look like porn stars. The emails stopped then and when I sent replies, I either got no response or a meaningless response leading me on. I must admit though that some of the pictures rival those in porn magazines and can be used as substitutes for those magazines.

  • Comment by: poker

    Score: N/A Date: 07/19/2011

    Sorry I have no pro comment for this site. All the friends request are from girls working for the site or pro cam girls.It's a total rip off.

  • Comment by: Skippy

    Score: 3% Date: 02/05/2011

    I gave it a 3 out of 100 since there are some pretty women on there, but the funny thing, most are pics of porn or women that have been photographed with adult sites, nothing but spam. Please do not sign up, waste of money and time...

  • Comment by: Bill Swann

    Score: 1% Date: 07/25/2010

    This is the worst site anywhere. Sign up for free and get a mailbox full of I want to screw you s, pay for a membership and you can t get those hot women to reply. Their customer service is non-existent. They will continue to bill you after cancellation too.

    The pro for this site is I didn't get a computer virus from it.

  • Comment by: Chris

    Score: 50% Date: 07/20/2010

    The site uses OC personalities to stimulate conversation - but these are fake personalities. A lot of yahoo IM cam girls infest the site to hit up for being buddies. Overall, a waste of money and sorry I signed up.

  • Comment by: Browser

    Score: 30% Date: 06/29/2010

    I joined and immediately had emails right and left. After the first 40 or so you start thinking. What is up with this. Then after you have answered many of them, you never seem to get a response. I think its just a computer driven scam myself. But, you decide.

  • Comment by: oitsyjj

    Score: 10% Date: 02/26/2010

    This site is just a waste to time. I got heaps of email as a guest member, but after paying the messages from email box vanished-LOL. So I contacted them and they said we ll look into it , bullshit, no response ever since. All bot messages that doesn t have any coherence reply to specific questions asked but only generic replies that don t make sense. Total hoax and a scam! Beware!!

  • Comment by: Allen

    Score: 75% Date: 02/24/2010

    I think I figured out why I was having problems with this site. When you do a search and by the order status it says fastest if you change to distance you get girls by you. They may not have great pics (or pics at all) but you can tell who are the real girls then. Sent a lot of messages and got a few good responses.

  • Comment by: Kevin

    Score: 1% Date: 01/16/2010

    This site is completely fraudulent, bogus and foul! Don t waste your time nor your money! When you register they bombard you with alleged messages from hot babes! So you re enticed to sign up for the premium membership. Once you sign up all the emails stop and the girls who do message you are Web Cam girls who try to get you to give your credit card to pay to view them. The entire site is a scam.

  • Comment by: Alex

    Score: 1% Date: 01/05/2010

    You can add to your profile something like this: Add NOSCAM to the end of the message title so I know you are real ...

  • Comment by: Michellekke

    Score: 35% Date: 12/12/2009

    Hello, for me it was very easy to spot that the profiles are fake ones. I live in Holland, so everytime i get an email, and i go to the profile from the sender it says Location : Holland, but when i search the same name in usersearch they are never ever from Holland. Doesn t take a genius does it ?

  • Comment by: lagustacat

    Score: N/A Date: 10/25/2009

    Amateur match is a hoax, there aren't any real members there, they are just planted to make you join up, don't join this website it is a site just to take your money, bogus website.

  • Comment by: Mark

    Score: 92% Date: 09/11/2009

    I m actually having a great time on the site! Maybe there are more girls in my area but I've had a great time finding them on amateur match.

    The women aren't going to just come to you, I've written many e-mails and hadn't gotten anything back. That s cool, I can imagine great looking girls get a bunch of e-mail. I took my time, nothing in life comes easy.

  • Comment by: Rusty

    Score: 5% Date: 09/06/2009

    This site has to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. The instant messaging feature will not work on my desktop or laptop both are running Vista. The feature works but NEVER have been able to RECEIVE incoming IM s from anyone and they have made attempts. Customer service has no clue what to do.

  • Comment by: Ken

    Score: 20% Date: 09/02/2009

    I have had a paid membership twice (same profile). As a free member I received half a dozen messages daily. After paying I might get a half dozen or less in a week. I have yet to actually hook up with any women using this site

  • Comment by: DH

    Score: N/A Date: 08/21/2009

    This is as I suspected. I signed up like two days ago and I have something like 20 emails from all these hot women with stuff like too good to be true and we live so close .... I live in Vancouver,

  • Comment by: Fred

    Score: 65% Date: 08/20/2009

    Many many fake emails to get you to sign up. Descriptions like we live close so lets get together and they live 500 miles away. Save your money here.

  • Comment by: tonyce

    Score: 5% Date: 08/16/2009

    I want to express my thanks to everyone who wrote experiencing the scam of Amateur Match. It is because of everyone who wrote here that I changed my mind about joining Amateur Match. It sounds too goo

  • Comment by: Rick

    Score: N/A Date: 08/02/2009

    they run parallel sites. They offer a trial to the other site. If you decline the trial offer they will bill you for it anyway.

  • Comment by: Zack

    Score: 85% Date: 07/23/2009

    I ve met a woman on the site last week who is amazing! She fishes, cooks and wants a NSA sort of thing.. Perfect! We have a great time together. It was so easy to initiate on the site.

  • Comment by: Mike

    Score: 90% Date: 07/07/2009

    I joined the site a month ago and figured I d buy a one-month membership. I met a lot of cool chicks in the chat room down to cam-cam and within a couple of weeks, I did get together with one of the w

  • Comment by: Canti

    Score: 40% Date: 06/12/2009

    there seems to be little to no access for free members.I can t even reply to messages I have gotten >.> I wonder if they are valid profiles or just lures to get you to sign up.

  • Comment by: Mysterious

    Score: 50% Date: 06/07/2009

    Well IMHO they should give a little more freedom to free users. They don t allow you to do much and their trial is short so you can t even test right to see if you would like to keep paying for the se

  • Comment by: taylor

    Score: 100% Date: 05/25/2009

    For No Cost you can email, chat, browse, video cam, eFlirt, eDate - and more!
    We have more women online looking for casual fun than anywhere on the net.IS THIS TRUE?

  • Comment by: jj

    Score: 5% Date: 05/25/2009

    I can t give a rating , but you ask for one. just hoping you would do a new test of this site, this is what they said in a new email to me on 5/25/2009 For No Cost you can email, chat, browse, video c

  • Comment by: Rense

    Score: 5% Date: 05/24/2009

    I agree with you all. So, what site has real profiles instead of this bogus stuff?

  • Comment by: b-dog

    Score: 25% Date: 03/29/2009

    Iagree w/ what the others say--AM is a scam site. I have hundreds--really--of emails and most of them have the exact same wording. They should at least be creative.