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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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They've added live webcams for premium members but to clarify, it's performers from a cam site not other members of Adult Locals online. The search feature does not allow you to search by zip code or postal code but the advanced options for paid subscriber at least let's you narrow it down to individual cities. Preview access is extremely limited but a quick perusal of the first ten pages of member descriptions as is available to non-paying members yields suspect results as far as whether the profiles listed are genuine. Therefore, the score remains noticeably low. is the little engine that thinks it can, but it can’t, at least not yet, get over the hill. The concept is great albeit not necessarily original. It is supposed to offer the chance to meet people who want sex only encounters living near you. Unfortunately the numbers just aren't there to make the odds high enough for grabbing real action. The site advertises over 100,000 members, but when one searches individual categories it’s not obvious from where the total number comes, granted I didn’t check all the countries listed. Maybe they were all hiding east of Guam or in Timbuktu?

You can search the members personals before plunking down a membership fee, which is a worthwhile plan to determine subscriber levels in your area. Isn't it ironic (a la Alanis M) that despite specifically advertising that it will get you sex in your local area, the search engine does not have a zip/postal code feature? If you're living in a metropolitan city, it's kind of important to know how many miles someone might be from your home. Another issue with the search are the categories gay, lesbian and bisexual, certainly not because they're offensive but merely because they don't appear to change the results whatsoever. You can't simply search under a sexual orientation, you have to include the gender that you are seeking and lo and behold the same list appears whether you are "a man looking for a woman" or "a man looking for a lesbian woman" or "a man looking for a bisexual woman." It reeks of cheap to include non-working, decorative features on a site, which is unfortunate on a small service that gives almost nothing away for free.

There are no quick contact features like chat or instant messaging available as far. You have to sign up to "flirt" with fellow members, although you can send a message through the in-house email system. Until you join the premium ranks you can't read any messages received, but you can see the profile of the person who sent you the message at least.

At a pretty standard cost of $24.95, unless I found a member very much to my liking before joining and was feeling very sure that said member was likely to reciprocate (since no free contact makes it difficult to know), I might be tempted to go to a larger competitor.

Visit Adult Locals since you never know where you might get lucky.

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