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Will Peters 

By: Will Peters
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Either one thing has changed or it might have been a question of poor timing on the original review a year ago. Access continues to be very limited for free members but an actual working chat system appears in place for premium subscribers with audio and video options. Free members who try accessing the link are prompted to upgrade but are not redirected to a third party cam site as happened last year. The advertising on the site tour continues to be a bit misleading stating several services as free that are only available to upgraded memberships. However, it is free to post to the AdultDateLink general discussion message board but contact info is filtered from posts. Pricing has remained the same.

AdultDateLink was a bit of a disappointment considering how great it sounded before signing up, although it did have a few good points too. I guess it’s always preferable to soften the blow by starting with the positive stuff first. The site definitely looks good. It claims to be your link to romance, sex and swingers, which I find attractive as a multi-faceted approach to online dating, not just being about either sex or a relationship, but both. You could meet someone of the opposite or same sex, or a couple if you preferred.

Then of course, the profile process was quite extensive and contained a good mix of mandatory an optional information fields to complete. Normally, it should make fro better overall quality profiles, however I found that on ADL there weren't enough members with photos attached to their profiles and perhaps previously there weren't as many required fields since strangely enough I found plenty of female profiles with almost no pertinent information filled out. I give it a 7/10 for profile quality and member stats, since there are a disproportionate number of men to women.

Although it advertises an audio and video chat, as well as instant messaging available. Initially I confused these with contact options. I found a "Live Chat" link that lead to a site called "Cam Date" - it could be interesting for some members. When I clicked on one girl's photo and ended up seeing some naked tits. Although the live cam site was great quality, it had nothing to do with meeting other Adult Date Link members and only offered female models. The site tour said that the various chat options were free, but the Live Cam link only works with a paid membership and is free only to female subscribers.

The only way to meet members on appears to be through the private email system on the site, which requires a paid membership. You can "hot list" a member, but only paid members have access to who "hot listed" them or to reading emails. In other words, the site is extremely limited in its potential for meeting people quickly or possibly at all depending on your location, since only paid members can communicate and only by email. There is no way of knowing who is a paid member and who isn’t in your local area.

Search options are extensive including local area within 5 miles even using the quick searches available to everyone. Paid members/female subscribers can also do detailed searches, search by username, personality type and even by keyword. A two-way matching system based on similarities between your profile and those of other people's profiles is available to everyone regardless of membership status. You can also select a search update email option to receive new member matches to your offsite email address.

Without signing up as a premium subscriber, even your searches are limited. Although female subscribers can send emails but not read received messages, for free membership men there is only the option of hot listing another interesting member, if he/she happens to be a paid member, he/she might respond, but you'll need to pay to read his/her email or even to know that he/she hot listed you back.

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  • Comment by: Flapjack

    Score: N/A Date: 06/03/2010

    This has got to be the most infected date site. Not infected with viruses but fake profiles and people just looking to collect email addresses and/or sell you on cam sites. I was contacted by over 150 members within the first 30 days and not one turned out to a real person within 500 miles of my home. Avoid this site and all of its related co-branded sites, they are all scamms. RUN AWAY!!!