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Getting Started - Setting Up Your Affiliate Account with Rabbits

1.First, sign up for our program using this form.
2.Log into our Webmaster's area using the login info we send to your email.
3.Use Roboform to fill in the signup forms for each of the sponsors you're interested in promoting quickly and easily. Enter your affiliate code for each of the few must sponsors and any others you wish to promote.
4.Copy the affiliate code we provide you to promote the Rabbits Affiliate Program to your traffic.
'Yourcode' is a number that will be assigned to you upon signing up to our program. All Web surfers that enter through this link will be assigned a cookie that will contain this code. Whenever your traffic clicks on any of the links that lead to a paysite or a picture/movie gallery, nine out of 10 times the link will contain your affiliate code. The remaining time the link will contain our code to pay for hosting, reviewing, programming and marketing costs. To help protect your business, when a Web surfer clicks to bookmark, the bookmark will also contain your account code.
5.Use your code to start sending traffic through text links, banner links, rss feeds or even the RabbitSense tools. Check out our Promo Tools for a better idea of all the possibilities. You can track your stats and make sure you're getting all of your credits.