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Naughty Nerd Pics

Sometimes it's those gals who stay on the walls during parties that turn out to be the kinkiest cuties in the bedroom. It's true that nerds can be quite naughty and these two bookworms show that they love playing with each other, and the fact that they're both gals only heightens the erotic appeal. They are part of an exclusive collection from NaughtyNerd with chicks who are trying to dispel the perception that all they do is study. As their sample pics begin, the babes are wearing sexy panties and caress their slender figures and begin to take off their bras. One of the chicks has a set of mammoth jugs for her innocent age and slender frame and her black friend loves running her hands over the luscious globes. They end up getting totally naked and rolling around the bed as their picture sets from Naughty Nerd end and show that they are quite capable of being the horniest of chicks as long as there is the promise of a hefty reward in the end.

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