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Pantyhose Pops 63/100
If you're into pantyhose and sex machines then this site is one of the few out there that combines those elements. You'll see babes wearing nylons and getting their pussies pounded by a sizable dildo on the end of a pneumatic arm and some of the chicks use vibrators at the same time. Check out all the Full HD vids, but know that updating is slow these days.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/14/2014
Tiny Ass 63/100
Sure, a big, round booty is in vogue, but don't you just hunger for a tiny, tight ass with cheeks so small that you could fit each one in the palm of your hand? Hot chicks with hot butts strip and do a lengthy solo scene for the camera and fuck themselves with toys. There aren't any cocks here, but the penetration of tight holes still gets taken care of.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/3/2014
Sybian Solos 63/100
Gorgeous babes ride the infamous Sybian machine. While some of the good-quality scenes here might look as if they are a little bit forced, for the most part there is no faking needed as any chick who has ridden one of these machines knows how incredible it feels. However, this small website isn't growing, so despite the many bonuses, this site isn't worth it.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/24/2013
Wild Fuck Toys 62/100
Sexy pornstars with orgasm trouble know there's only one doctor to turn to - the M.D. at this clinic, a climax specialist who knows which kinky toy to use to get babes off in HD. Applying dildos, vibrators and fucking machines to clits, this doc guarantees massive orgasms. You'd expect the hotties to be return patients, but this collection no longer updates.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/1/2014
Dildos HD 62/100
The gorgeous girls here are opening up their sex-toy boxes and spreading their legs to show you how playful they can be. Dildos and vibrating toys of every color and shape are getting put to good use and diving into juicy pussies and tight asses. These insatiable beauties don't need a man to fill their wet slits, but maybe a set of extra batteries might help.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 2/1/2014
Just Toys No Boys 61/100
Who needs boys when you have a handful of toys? No real cocks are permitted entry into the muffs of these beauties as it's solo-pleasuring time. Watch these busty cuties take dildos and vibrators of all kinds and bang their tight muffs until they're dripping cum. There's even a girl/girl scene that includes a double dong and lot of sensual pussy munching.
Price: $1.99 - Period: 1 day
Date: 4/12/2014
Sex Toys Porno 61/100
The beautiful babes in this library are all about exploring their tight bodies to the fullest and they do it with a variety of toys. From amateurs to pros and teens and MILFs, the large nonexclusive collection embraces all kinds of horny babes. There's more than enough porn to justify the asking price, but just be aware that the site isn't currently growing.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 1/9/2014
Huge Rubber Dicks 60/100
With massive cocks made out of rubber by their sides (well, until they're inside of them), these sexy babes don't need any men to help them get off. Each horny beauty takes matters into her own hands in crisp pics and vids that look good or are even in HD. This small collection isn't growing though, so it's hard to recommend even if it comes with hot bonuses.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/22/2014
Crygasm 60/100
They strip, they play, they cum, they cry. These blubbering beauties have an emotional switch attached to their g-spots and once the cum starts squirting, so do the salty tears. Every powerful orgasm is so overwhelming that even when they play alone with fingers and toys, these weepy hotties can't contain their moans, spasms and cathartic, erotic tears.
Price: $9.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 6/18/2014
Toys In Chicks 60/100
Playtime just got better. When these hot chicks bring their toys over, the fun begins. Vibrators and dildos come out and go in as these hotties pound their way to screaming orgasms. There are lesbian games and straight hardcore fucking too. As long as there's a toy in every scene or every hole, these gals are happy. They always put their toys back in the box.
Price: $1.01 - Period: 3 days
Date: 5/3/2014
Xs Orgasms 60/100
X is a woman who loves masturbating, but what she loves more is masturbating in front of a camera. This amateur woman gets the camera focused on her pussy and works it over with fingers and/or toys until it contracts in a lovely orgasm. Her face is always hidden, but the part that matters (her pussy, of course) is always clearly front and center.
Price: $19.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 12/26/2010
Lone Star Diablos 59/100
The chicks you'll see here are all horny little devils and most of them don't have anyone to help them get off. So to get themselves off, they strip out of their clothes and proceed to pleasure their tight pussies using their fingers and various sex toys. The content is high in quality, but you get very little of it. Also, the site stopped updating.
Price: $2.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 10/1/2014
Love The Pink 59/100
Chicks strip and show off their bodies before revealing that mouthwatering treat you crave - a perfect, pink pussy. The sexy blondes and delicious brunettes play better alone, touching their juicy pinks and making them wet before they stuff them with dildos and vibrators. Bare or just a little bit hairy, there's sure to be a box here that you'll beg to open.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 1/16/2014
Zellys 59/100
Come watch hot babes showing off all they have to offer in sexy solo sessions. You'll see them in and out of revealing lingerie as well as masturbating with a variety of toys. One scene involves a chick getting off with the help of a gal pal who drives her to the brink using a bullet-shaped vibrator. Fresh-faced blondes, brunettes and redheads are all here.
Price: $19.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/3/2013
All Those Girls 58/100
Been looking to sit back and watch as beautiful babes from the Czech Republic finger themselves and fill their pretty pussies with toys? Well, then you have come to the right place, my friends, because that is exactly what you will see in each and every scene on this hot and sexy site. These chicks show themselves off and then go ahead and get themselves off!
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/15/2013
Sex Toy Tarts 58/100
These gals have found other boxes to stuff their toys in than the toy chest. They fill their slick pussies with vibrators and dildos, even stuffing their juicy asses with some rubber dildo action. These chicks know they play better alone, so they're not sharing their fuck break with any real dicks. They know the rubber and glass kind guarantee satisfaction!
Price: $2.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 1/4/2012
HQ Honeys 57/100
There is a gorgeous group of babes here and they offer up some sizzling scenes that show them stripping and masturbating. These horny girls use brightly colored sex toys as well as their nimble fingers to unleash the clitoral pleasure bomb. It's just too bad that this site is so small and although it comes with a ton of bonuses, it's just too average to join.
Special Price: $9.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 5/5/2014
Vixen X 57/100
These stunning Euro models strip, tease and get themselves off, which will have you feeling something heated in the groin area. There is some fantastic lingerie hugging the sexy curves of these firecrackers. With picturesque breasts and beautiful lean, long legs, it's a real carnal feast for the eyes, so kick back and enjoy what these hot babes have to offer.
Special Price: $18.83 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/10/2013
New Solos 56/100
This is a decent site for anyone who enjoys watching a chick get a little naughty when she's all by herself. Big dildos, buzzing vibrators and nimble fingers alike are all used to unleash wave after wave of hot pussy pleasure. The action plays out in good-quality videos that you won't find elsewhere. The website isn't growing, but it's still worth visiting.
Price: $1.85 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/5/2014
Sex Fuck Machines 56/100
Although the name suggests differently, some of the scenes on this site feature straight hardcore guy-girl scenes. Most of them do, however, stick to the theme of girls and fucking machines, including Sybians and the like. The photos look good and some are even high-res. But where this site really does fall short is with the poor quality of the videos.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/24/2014
Active Girls Toys 54/100
Watch as these sweet and sexy amateur babes from Eastern Europe open themselves up to the camera and play with their hot nubile bodies using fresh fruit and sex toys. These cuties are in the 18 to 20-year-old range and horny as hell. They'll shove just about anything up their tight, wet pussies, including one of the most devastating dildos you've ever seen.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 5/14/2013
Solo Bang 53/100
Many of the horny 18-year-olds on this website get themselves off, but some rely on others for their pleasure. You see, the videos aren't quite as focused on masturbation as you'd expect, but they're still enjoyable and are good in quality. If you're looking for porn that focuses only on self-pleasuring, though, there are better solo websites out there.
Price: $1.85 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/5/2014
Solo Girls 53/100
There are scenes of masturbation on this website, but there are also scenes that depict lesbian and hardcore encounters, so it's not exactly the solo site that you'd expect it to be. If you can look past that, you'll appreciate the high quality of its content and also the fact that the website actually has a pretty decent amount of hot porn to offer you.
Price: $1.85 - Period: 3 days
Date: 8/30/2014
Posh Filth 52/100
The beautiful English countryside is filled with stately homes and stables and, what you might not be aware of, some of Britain's sexiest and naughtiest chicks. They are posh and upper-class rich girls, but that doesn’t stop these hotties from stripping off their clothes, showing off their gorgeous bodies and even masturbating for the camera sometimes also.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/19/2012
Crazy Beauties 49/100
The babes on this website love to masturbate with their dildos and vibrators. While most of them have toys that are of a standard size, some of the ladies have dildos that are just as large as their arms. It's really amazing that they can fit those things inside their tight pussies. What's not so amazing is that they rotate their average-looking content.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/26/2014
Solo Girls Mania 44/100
The women on this website don't have any guy friends or gal pals around to help them get off. That isn't a problem, though, because these cuties can take care of things themselves. You're welcome to watch them as they strip out of their clothes and proceed to take themselves to orgasm over and over again. Some finger their pussies, while others use sex toys.
Price: $24.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/20/2014
Sweet Vidz 34/100
Horny chicks get a sweet taste of sugar when they indulge in a little finger fucking, some dildo play and even steamy sessions of lesbian action. All the ladies here are scorching hot and they have some pretty professional moves and more than hard-working appetites. If you want a site that delivers on hot gals and lots of masturbation, then this site is it.
Price: $12.50 - Period: 30 days
Date: 4/27/2014
Masturbating Neighbours N/A
Gorgeous girls next door are talked into masturbating with fingers and toys in solo scenes. These friendly neighbors welcome you into more than just their homes, opening up their delicious pussies and stuffing them full of dildos and toys. Just keep in mind that the massive amount of good-looking porn that you'll find here also shows lesbian and hardcore sex.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 5/9/2014
See Me Masturbate N/A
This site definitely succeeds in managing to live up to its name by offering both vids and pics of sweet, bare pussies getting stuffed with fingers, vibrators, dildos and just about whatever else these babes can manage to get their hands on. Beautiful amateur chicks with every look imaginable get themselves off for the camera and they look damn hot doing it.
Price: $29.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/15/2013
Sexy Solo Sluts N/A
Stunning starlets play for the camera and get naked before taking matters into their own hands and masturbating to stirring orgasms. You'll want to satisfy yourself when you watch sexy babes get very personal as they rub their clits and slide vibrators inside their hot muffs. Unfortunately, most of the vids are streaming-only and updating is infrequent.
Price: $2.86 - Period: 2 days
Date: 12/12/2012
Sex Toys HDV N/A
Toys make playtime lots more fun for the horny babes featured on this website. Whether they're alone, with lady friends or with guys, the gals always make sure to incorporate sex toys into their naughty activities. You can see them using dildos to get off in one scene and then see them using toys on other hotties in the next. Want a peek into the toy box?
Special Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/28/2012
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