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The Futanari 56/100
There is plenty of steamy action starring hung shemales in both real life and anime. Come watch these horny trannies fuck and suck each other's cocks, but some opt to stroke their big dicks until they cum all over the place. The anime vids show busty characters with enormous penises fucking various tight assholes. You'll also see toy play and lactation.
Special Price: $9.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/20/2014
Toon Party 56/100
Batman, Marge Simpson, Spider-Man and Wilma Flintstone are just a few of the famous characters from cartoons and comics who make memorable appearances on this website. Many of your favorite toons can be seen licking wet pussy, giving blowjobs and having raunchy sex with other famous characters, including some that you'd never expect them to encounter at all.
Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/25/2013
3D Shemales 55/100
You can come here to find perfection in these sexy cartoon shemales. They're all digitally animated so that you can enjoy nothing but the hottest babes with the biggest dicks and roundest boobs imaginable. The focus is more on images, which is probably just how you want it, and the pic collection will last you a while, especially with the frequent updates.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/26/2014
Flash For Adults 55/100
Don't waste your time fantasizing about video-game honeys getting nude, because these Flash game chicks take it all off and get totally filthy. You can start out by watching the toon sucking and fucking in pics and shorts, or you can get your hands dirty and animate the smutty action with games that reward you with sexy gals and interactive cartoons.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 4/25/2014
3D Adult Comics 55/100
The sexy virtual chicks here are better than anything you could dream up. With massive tits, tight muffs and the intense desire to fuck, these 3D babes suspend your disbelief and take you with them into a world of adult-comic kink. The breasts bounce higher than ever and the fucking is so intense that you'll never want to come back to the real world again.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 4/23/2014
3D Girlfriends 55/100
It ain't only the live-action chicks who can be three dimensional these days. With computer technology, artists can create 3D babes and put them in erotic situations, which is exactly what this site does. From stripping to fucking, these busty toon cuties do exactly what their real-life counterparts do and also get freaky in ways that real women couldn't.
Price: $1.01 - Period: 3 days
Date: 4/20/2014
Messy Comics 55/100
Erotic drawings are their best when there are multiple panels telling you a sexy story. That's exactly what you'll find here, because this site focuses exclusively on hot comic books. Best of all, the comics are all hardcore. You'll see sloppy blowjobs being given, comic book pussies getting fucked and messy cumshots being blasted all over a chick's face.
Price: $2.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/13/2013
The Art Of Heraldic Knights 55/100
The artist's name is Riccardo and he has many muses, but one sure stands out in this collection of erotic artwork. Her name is Miss Hybrid and she's one hell of a kinky woman. His amazingly life-like drawings depict her in fantastical and real-life scenarios that include masturbation, lesbian lovemaking, double penetrations, fisting, group sex and more.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/9/2013
Enchantae 54/100
Sometimes the hardcore sex you picture having in your mind isn't actually possible in real life. We have limits. Gravity, anatomy and our crazy third dimension are just too difficult to deal with. That's where comic book sex steps in. Hand-drawn sexcapades that involve kings, queens and aliens can be seen here where the fucking is simply picture perfect.
Price: $9.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/5/2008
Hentai Cinema 53/100
The power of the written word is mighty, but the power of drawn porn might just be mightier, at least when it comes to your libido. Watch these animated beauties have sex in a number of different hardcore situations. There's everything from students getting private lessons to warrior princesses getting gangbanged to horny aliens to monsters getting lucky.
Price: $1.03 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/7/2014
Hentai X Shemales 53/100
When shemales and hentai meet, reality-busting sex is the only surefire result. How that happens is entirely up to the imagination and no bizarre dream is too far out of reach. The toon trannies come in many forms, from the classic pretty hentai chick to the monstrously schlonged variety, whose massive tits really bounce once all the T-gal-slamming starts.
Price: $1.03 - Period: 1 day
Date: 6/4/2014
Bimbo Story Club 53/100
This website brings you comics and illustrated stories that are a lot of fun. Breast expansion is a common theme among these tales, but they feature far more than just breasts that grow in size. If you take a look at the site, you can also see hot sex acts like masturbation, babe-on-babe action, blowjobs, hardcore fucking and chicks getting covered in cum.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 5/19/2014
Shemales Of Hentai 53/100
As if hentai could get any hotter! Toon shemales are here to really break some taboos and blow your mind. Their faces are sweet, but their cocks are impossibly long, thick and raging for hardcore action. They suck and fuck, getting those pretty faces all covered in cum and shove those giant shafts up some juicy pussies and assholes for nasty hentai T-fun.
Price: $1.04 - Period: 3 days
Date: 4/22/2014
Metaphysex 53/100
Javier Trujillo is a talented man. He's the artist behind this website and he's created some stunning sequential art for us to feast our eyes upon. He's in the process of telling a story that's just as surreal as it is sexy. He brings us scenes that feature masturbation, babe-on-babe action, blowjobs, anal sex, group sex and all sorts of fantastic elements.
Price: $10.50 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/18/2014
Brickhouse Betty 53/100
A big-boobed blonde toon gets seduced into all kinds of hardcore action. Betty is gullible, naive and often finds herself naked and performing oral or getting her pussy or ass pounded. You'll also have access to the artist's sketchbook, behind-the-scenes content, storyboards, screensavers, desktop wallpaper, games, Tijuana bibles, hentai images and more.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/21/2013
3D Sex Paradise 53/100
Live-action babes can never quite deliver the perfection of CGI babes. They have perfectly smooth skin without any nasty razor bumps, no lines or wrinkles anywhere. They have tiny waists and beautiful tits whether huge or more modest in size they're always pert. That's also true of their bubble butts. Best of all the hotties are always up for getting naughty.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/17/2013
Toon Boobies 52/100
Everybody loves tits to the point where they're always willing to look at images of babes with massive cans. These digital cuties have big, bouncing tits that you can't ignore. The large photo collection is the reason to join here. The toon babes pose, masturbate and strip in high-res images. The content isn't limited by reality, so toon fans should stop by.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/24/2014
My Nude Toons 52/100
These aren't the kind of toons you watched while eating cereal on a Saturday morning. These gorgeous, pneumatic babes come fresh-pressed and computer-generated to blow conventional limits away. They can twist themselves into positions real women can't handle and carry around tits they can't grow, so prepare to suspend reality and fulfill your fantasies.
Price: $14.95 - Period: 15 days
Date: 6/19/2014
Comixxx Archive 52/100
Nothing is considered too taboo in these comics, nor is anything too raunchy to be explicitly illustrated. Whether it's lesbian play, hardcore sex with a monster, masturbation, watersports, spanking or lactation, everything is rendered in graphic detail by talented artists who come from all corners of the globe and they all have wild, kinky imaginations.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/4/2012
Gangbang Comics 51/100
Raunchy gangbangs are brought to life by skilled artists who put pencil to paper and illustrate their kinkiest fantasies. That's not all they draw, though, as they also create all sorts of sexy scenes with their pencils, pens and computer software. Whether it's tame or extreme, these artists can make it, so be sure to watch these comic book babes get fucked!
Price: $5.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 7/4/2014
Flash Games For Adults 51/100
Toons never have to draw the line when it comes to how far they can go. For example, a cutesy fairytale can take a completely adult turn. You'll also see some hilarious parodies of television shows with lots of X-rated jokes. You can enjoy stripping and fondling games with animated babes. All these fun games are sure to make you smile wide while you cum.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/3/2014
3D Mature Orgies 51/100
Cougars take on spritely cocks in animated scenes of uncontrolled lust. Anyone with steamy fantasies of fucking a tasty MILF and then spraying her beautiful face with hot cum will get antsy after checking out what kind of hardcore adventures these mature babes get up to. All the scenes have some sort of brief storyline to help the mature hardcore along.
Price: $9.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 7/26/2012
Interactive XXX Games 50/100
These naughty adult Flash games prove that you're never too old to play, you just have to make sure that the games grow with you. Here you control the dirty action with just a click of the mouse, getting the luscious toon babes to take it doggy style or give out sloppy blowjobs. With interactive images and cartoons too, the adult playtime never has to end.
Price: $34.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 4/25/2014
Planet Comixxx 50/100
Witches and superheroines and housewives, oh my! It's time to ditch boring old reality and remember why you used to collect comics when you were growing up. These cartoon hotties are definitely wilder and hotter than any real woman you've ever met and can be seen doing everything from giving blowjobs to fucking with strapons during intense lesbian fuck fests.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/23/2014
Hentai Mania 50/100
Many cartoon categories are offered, like hardcore, shemales, aliens, bondage, sexy lesbians, 3D supermodels, celebrity zone, Agent 69, Asian fetish and so much more. There is manga, hentai, American cartoons and nontraditional styles as well as a bit of live-action porn. This collection is massive and high in quality, so it's very easy to recommend you join.
Price: $8.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 11/16/2013
Sex On Hawaii 50/100
When Hawaii and comics come together in porn, you end up with action that's twice as exotic and intense. These are the drawn, XXX adventures of Paul and Lola who take a trip to Hawaii to fuck their way through the islands. You'll have fun following along with them as they go at it, but updates have ceased, so the collection won't keep you busy for that long.
Price: $8.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 11/9/2013
Andes Studio 50/100
This studio produces original hardcore graphic-novel pornos. You will find plenty of sexy, big-boobied and thin-bodied illustrated babes sucking on huge cocks, cumming as they get fucked hard in their smooth hand-drawn pussies and even taking it up their perfectly round asses, all while loving every single minute of it. The artwork will drive you wild.
Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 4/15/2012
Manga Erotica 49/100
Japan's best export isn't new technology - it's manga and the big tits and sweet faces that come with it. These gals may have innocent eyes and short skirts, but once they spread their legs you know they're capable of some serious sinning. The only limit is the artist's imagination. From demons to aliens, these drawn dolls will get in serious, sexy trouble.
Price: $1.01 - Period: 3 days
Date: 4/29/2014
Exclusive Porn Comics 48/100
It offers some of the hottest hentai and manga. Every kind of style is presented, including fantasy, sci-fi and even your favorite cartoon characters in steamy X-rated scenes. Toon lesbians, threesomes and one-on-one hardcore is all here. If you prefer your fucking done by pen on paper over flesh and blood, this large toon site is for you despite scoring low.
Price: $5.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 7/3/2014
Hentai Games For Adults 48/100
Games grow up and get kinky when they're mixed with the crazy world of hentai and its tentacle sex, virgin violation and supernatural fucking. Come play with your favorite big-breasted, fresh-faced anime queens and make them do nasty things that would make real Asian gals blush, or just prove physically impossible. Adults get the best kind of playtime here.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/6/2014
Hentai Pics World 48/100
Hentai comes to you in all its uncensored glory. You will get to see every inch of these sexy illustrations, including detailed drawings of wet genitalia, cock sucking, pussy licking and hardcore penetration. Nothing is left to your imagination. Instead it is as if your kinkiest fantasies, like bondage or tentacle sex, have sprung to life on your monitor.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/8/2014
Adult Cartoon Zone 48/100
Your favorite toons might act all nice and innocent early on the Saturday morning cartoons, but their Saturday nights are reserved for getting down and dirty. So is every other night. Watch as characters like Batman and Chewbacca deep-dick different hotties and marvel at how the illustrated chicks manage to fit those massive toon cocks into their pussies.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/2/2012
Dirty 3D 47/100
Whether you're into elves fucking babes, extreme BDSM or seeing a gal riding the Terminator's cock, this is one toon site that will satisfy. The image sets include sexy babes tied to racks and hard dicks stuffed in ass cracks, along with lesbian scenes. The collection is a moderate size now, but the frequent updates will take care of that in short order.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/28/2014
HIP comix 47/100
Check out an award-winning fantasy bondage site with a cartoon theme throughout. These heroines in peril are trapped and being held hostage by evil nemeses until they eventually get saved by horny prison guards or huge-tentacled droids ready to please them with their love sticks. The stories vary greatly, but they are always full of hot and erotic fantasies!
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/2/2014
Comics Database 47/100
Who doesn't like the Saturday comics? Well, these ones are more like the Saturday late-night comics. They are full of naked hand-drawn bodies, cartoon clit licking and inked-up orgasms. There is also some hardcore anal penetration with foreign objects and threesomes. It's hot, kinky and done in two dimensions, even if it leads to three-dimensional pleasure.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/5/2014
CG Hotties 47/100
These sexy, computer-generated hotties appear in a mix of softcore and hardcore images that will take your breath away. Some of these toon cuties merely pose or strip down to nothing, but others take things much, much further. You can see some of the CG-rendered ladies hooking up with sexy, hung shemales and there's some lesbian action to be enjoyed as well.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/2/2012
Hentai Sex Club 47/100
Just about every kind of naughty toon action imaginable can be found right here. You'll see cute cartoon coeds getting down and dirty in classrooms, video-game heroes putting their differences aside and giving in to temptation and innocent hotties getting taken to orgasm by monsters with numerous tentacles. Basically, if you can imagine it, then it's here.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/29/2012
Hentai XXXtreme 47/100
It's just non-stop-drawn debauchery over here while sexy toon babes and studs get down and dirty for your viewing pleasure. From all-out orgies with alien creatures to shemales stroking great big dicks, anything and everything goes on here. These big-tittied cartoon temptresses have no limits and they'll do anything to get off. Tentacle monster anyone?
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/29/2012
Adult Comics Club 46/100
Comic books get smutty and from hentai to CGI, there's a style for every fan. Sexy cat burglars deliver their blowjobs in spandex and manga dolls get the pounding they deserve in sequential art as well as anime videos. Enjoy it all online for a decent price and you won't need to worry about keeping any comics mint in mylar sleeves or any pages getting sticky.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/16/2014
Manga Database 46/100
This site has tons of hentai, anime and manga, including some that come directly from Japan. They have that truly authentic feel, because they're only in Japanese. There's American and British artwork as well. You will see lots of super hot hardcore with sweet uniformed students, warrior princesses and babes fighting off aliens. Imagination is the only limit.
Price: $1.03 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/2/2014
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