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EU Twinks 65/100
The best boys Europe has to offer come for sizzling gay fun and your enjoyment on this mostly decent-quality site. Hot twinks suck and fuck like there's no tomorrow. Horny dudes of all ethnicities work their hard bodies in raunchy gay action. Updates are somewhat slow, but you're getting enough here to make it worth joining and there are tons of bonuses too.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/11/2013
Exposed Emos 65/100
Emos always look so brooding, at least until they masturbate or have sex, because then they seem to magically come out of their shells. These cuties are truly drool-worthy when they appear in flicks and pics shot in a homemade fashion. I like that there's even a bareback scene where two angst-ridden BFs work out their frustrations in a passionate fashion.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 8/23/2013
Mike Cute 65/100
I'm not sure if everyone in Mike's family is called Cute, but his gang of buddies quality as having the cuteness gene for the most part. Everyone in his collection seems to be some kind of smooth-skinned hottie, although some are built more like jocks, while others are simply super slim. Mike clearly loves cock, but you'll also see straight guys experiment.
Price: $16.95 - Period: 2 days
Date: 6/18/2012
Twinkylicious 64/100
Smooth-skinned bods without an ounce of fat or any signs of aging make great fodder for our fantasies, whether you see them stroking their big boners alone, in pairs or sharing those stiffies in a more intimate manner in a hardcore coupling or hot threesome. You'll even see some barebacking. What you won't see are any new videos since they stopped updating.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 7 days
Date: 9/7/2014
Sexy Twinks 64/100
From Europe and Russia you'll find some of the hottest amateur 18 to 23-year-old guys. Smooth skin covers lean to lightly muscled bods, so you get to see every inch of definition. They're still in need of more content, though. Still, these Euro twinks will get you off. It offers a pretty great community feel too, with personal profiles and member interaction.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/23/2014
Under Construction Boys 64/100
The banging you'll see here involves cocks pounding butts, not hammers nailing planks. When your workforce is horny and hung, sometimes the tools they're most interested in using are below their tool belts. And sometimes the holes they're most dedicated to drilling and filling belong to their fellow workers and they'd rather spray cum than paint.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 7/30/2014
French Twinks 64/100
The guys on this site are handsome Frenchmen. They're all very horny and it shows. These European studs can be seen stroking their own hard cocks, fucking themselves with big dildos, giving handjobs, sucking dick, licking tight ass and having wild sex. Some of the men are so horny that they actually end up taking on more than one good-looking guy at a time.
Price: $2.95 - Period: 1 day
Date: 7/2/2014
Boys Fox 64/100
Horny fresh-faced hunks show off their nubile bodies and juicy uncut dicks in a mix of solo and hardcore action. These studs enjoy exchanging blowjobs and bareback sex with the hormonally charged lust of guys in their prime, as they're all 18 to 21 years old. Some still have a few pimples, which is proof positive that they're not very long in the tooth.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/14/2014
Tribal Twinks 64/100
These "tribal" studs aren't Amerindian, nor are they from Africa, but rather they appear to be Latinos from South America. These slim, exotic-looking hotties have tanned or very dark skin as well as rock-hard abs and taut butts with tight holes. You'll see them jerking off and sucking cock in jungle settings and, in some cases, having bareback sex.
Price: $4.95 - Period: 1 day
Date: 4/7/2014
Barely Twinks 64/100
Watch as these hairless fuck-toys suck and fondle one another and enjoy the thrilling experience of bareback sex. These guys are just a little past their age of innocence, but you'd never know it by looking at their perfectly puckered assholes. Who wants a condom when that ass looks so inviting? Although, on the downside, they stopped updating back in 2008.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/18/2014
Boys Love 18 64/100
Fresh-faced twinks and jocks with lean muscles get into all kinds of hardcore gay action in a decent number of good-looking vids. Older guys bang college boys with the occasional lady lurking in the background. The fucking gets kinky too as bottles, rifles and pistols are stuck up bums. Of course, there's good blowjobs too, so this site is sure worth a look.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/26/2014
Twinks For Cash 64/100
Sexy, youthful studs show up to model and end up fucking for the promise of quick cash. These hunks take huge cocks in their asses and suck dick for the first time on camera in exchange for wads of dough - and other wads as well. Each guy has a gorgeous body woth every cent, but not the site itself since your limited to 15 vids a month, even if they're HD.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/19/2014
Homo Scene 64/100
American scenester dudes show off bodies just as slim and tight as the skinny jeans they wear. They bare their sexy tattoos and piercings in a mix of solo and hardcore gay action. These horny hotties really know how to get naughty, whether they're stroking their throbbing poles, giving nice, deep head or plugging the tight hole of one of their horny BFFs.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 8/24/2013
Amazing Twinks 64/100
The beauty of a fresh-faced gay guy with smooth skin, a lean, muscular body and a hormonally charged uncut cock is what you'll see in these hot scenes that mostly come from Russia. The guys often have cute or handsome faces, besides their naturally toned physiques. Some of these amateurs seem to be straight because their performances are sometimes awkward.
Price: $11.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 7/14/2012
Ayor Studios 63/100
Twinks are the focus of this collection. You'll see smooth-skinned hotties hailing mostly from the Czech Republic, but some come from other parts of Europe. Not all of them are super-slim, because you'll also see some hot jocks who have more muscular builds. Action includes masturbation, hot blowjobs and hardcore gay sex sometimes set in the great outdoors.
Price: $24.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/11/2014
Aaron Cute 63/100
Aaron is a slender sandy-haired cutie whose hard little bod has very little hair. You will see many similar hunks on his site, sometimes in scenes with him and sometimes without him. There's a lot of masturbation (sometimes mutual) along with loads of blowjobs and even some hot bareback sex. You'll also see Aaron get kinky and encase himself in plasic wrap.
Price: $12.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/7/2013
Boy Storm 62/100
This site features coed amateurs who look like everyday guys. Expect nude shots or solo masturbation scenes and a few hardcore sex scenes with mutual masturbation, blowjobs and some anal fucking. The fresh-faced guys range from skinny to toned to muscular and most of them have a little body hair. You'll see some Latinos and some ebony hunks in the mix.
Price: $35.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/13/2014
Twink Boarding School 62/100
Ever wondered what goes on in the dorm rooms of the nation's most prestigious boarding schools? This good-quality website should at least partially satisfy your curiosity. You'll find schoolboys in solo and hardcore gay action. These fresh-faced twinks are very handsome and hung, so despite a lack of updates, the decent amount of content here is worth seeing.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/26/2014
About My Boys 61/100
Amateur European guys expose their gorgeous dicks and engage in hardcore sex. Expect smooth and toned lads in solo nude and masturbation shots, shower scenes, blowjobs, cumshots, fetish fun and a healthy dose of uncut cocks pounding tight virgin asses. You will enjoy the diversity of these European guys, which include both blue-eyed blonds and exotic hunks.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/13/2014
JS Boys 61/100
Does a perfectly smooth torso make you horny? If so then the twinks here should really rock your world as some of them not only have hairless chests, but they even shave their balls, the base of their uncut cocks and their taut asses. You'll see them masturbate, suck each other's cocks and, in some cases, blowjobs lead to gay anal sex, including bareback.
Price: $9.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 10/10/2013
Hunk Exclusives 61/100
Hot studs getting down and dirty! If you like hardcore man-on-man action, this one's for you. These horny hunks are ready to show you all they have and that means their hard, throbbing cocks and sweet, tight asses. There's masturbation, lots of oral, anal and bareback sex. You will even see some kinky stuff, with dudes in leather and raunchy snowballing.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/11/2013
Boys Nation 61/100
Here you'll find lots of cute guys in the prime of their life looking for hormonally fired sexual adventures. If you like dudes with smooth skin and lean phsiques then these hunks will do the trick, but you will occasionally see guys with fuzzy tummies. These hotties get naughty by masturbing or by enjoying blowjobs and anal sex with one or more friends.
Price: $2.95 - Period: 2 days
Date: 12/13/2012
Julian 18 60/100
Julian just turned 18 and you can see him get shirtless with his pals at his birthday party. It's fun, but I like seeing him stick a big dildo or take a hard dick up his bum even more. Julian jerks off for us using his toys, sucks his BFs and, as mentioned, loves to be fucked. In one hot scene his principal spanks his bad ass before fucking those rosy cheeks.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/21/2014
Ultra Twinks 60/100
This collection actually doesn't limit itself to nubile dudes without body hair in its mix of solo and gay hardcore action. You'll also see lost of slim guys with hairy chests as well as smooth-skinned studs who are muscular enough to be considered jocks. There are also scenes where older men decide to hook up with men their own age. Regardless, it's all hot.
Special Price: $14.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/27/2013
BFH Wrestling 60/100
You'll see dudes wrestling dudes, but they don't seem too serious when it comes to their holds. Who cares, though, because these matches are merely foreplay before one guy gives the other a handjob. These amateur guys seem more than a tad inexperienced when it comes to enjoying gay action. They act shy or even uncomfortable when it comes to touching a dick.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/2/2013
Fuck Hot Boys 60/100
You'll see smooth-skinned hunks with lean bods and juicy uncut rods. These horny dudes love to play around naked outside and I don't just mean nude soccer although they do that too. No, these lads will masturbate in the woods, give each other blowjobs and have hardcore anal sex. There are couples, threesomes and foursomes as well as one five-stud circle jerk.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/18/2013
Bareback Twinkz 59/100
These nubile guys are horny and hung and love to have naked fun with one another that ends in bareback sex. You'll see hunks sucking dick and then taking it or giving it up the ass without any rubber getting in the way. There are loads of threesomes and you'll even see gay double-anal penetration in the mix. Some braver dudes even dispense with using lube.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/2/2014
Hot Boys At Play 59/100
Horny, hung and hormonally charged guys are just raring to go in solo and hardcore action. These smooth-chested hotties have taut bods and extra-stiff uncut rods just begging to be sucked and ridden. Some of the studs just whip it out and jerk off alone. However, some are keen to caress the lean, mean bodies of a pal. They suck and fuck, sometimes bareback.
Price: $1.99 - Period: 2 days
Date: 6/15/2014
Tasty Twink 59/100
Want something tasty to sink your teeth (or some other part of you) into? You'll find these fresh-faced hunks sweeter to suck on than a chunk of hard candy. They're lean and cute, but don't let their angelic looks fool you, because they aren't that innocent. Not only will you see them masturbate, but some are also down with boning each other. It's way hot!
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 5/23/2014
Twink Clinic 59/100
This site is full of guys dressed as sailors who get special attention from their naval medics. Let's just call it hardcore attention. The guys are cute and have lean, chiseled bodies for the most part. The action they partake in involves a lot of rimming and butt sex and you can even watch the guys have threesomes. All hands will be going below deck here.
Special Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/26/2014
Daniel 19 59/100
When you're only 19 years old you have your whole life ahead of you, so you feel like you have plenty of time to explore your sexuality. Is Daniel straight, gay or bisexual? Well, he's not quite ready to commit to any one label, but hey, I'm quite happy to see this lean hunk spew his spunk from having sex with other guys. You'll also see him masturbate solo.
Price: $6.95 - Period: 1 day
Date: 1/1/2013
Real Boys 4 U 58/100
This site from Europe boasts crisp pics featuring the hottest guys, both twinks and fresh-faced jocks with slightly beefier bodies. A few models are a bit older and others have a wee bit of chest hair. The vids are just average looking, but they have straight, bi and gay boys jerking off and having nasty gay sex, sometimes bareback. This site is worth a look.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/24/2014
Boys DP 58/100
Nubile horny bottoms abound, so hungry for cock that they take them two at a time. Every single scene shows a threesome that eventually leads to double penetration. The fresh-faced guys here don't look very experienced, but they still manage to have their tight holes stretched wide enough to take two throbbing poles and manage to stay really hard throughout.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/20/2014
Go Go Twinks 58/100
It's time to see some hot hairless lads in their sexual prime. Fresh-faced hunks suck, screw and even do it bareback for you. A few of the studs end up with older gents as partners. Some of the models are extra skinny, while many have sinewy muscles and incredibly cut abs. Hormonally charged rods of all sizes throb with virile vitality as will your libido.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 8/10/2013
Washed Twinks 58/100
These fresh-faced hotties love to get naughty in the sauna, in the shower or in the bathtub. Seeing these slim, hairless (except for their pubes) dudes frolicking in the warm water and suds will probably leave you in a state that requires you to wash yourself too. They masturbate, give blowjobs and enjoy anal between couples, threesomes and foursomes.
Price: $11.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 2/8/2013
Schoolboy Secrets 58/100
Fresh-faced nubile guys often realize that they need to be shown the ropes by older dudes. They offer up their tight little butts for some sweet bum fun. The dads know how to make the lads open up their virginal holes by licking their virginal rectal rosebud until they open up wide. Then the mature men slide their thick poles into the prime pieces of ass.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/9/2011
Twink Sex HD 57/100
The fresh-faced hunks on this site are supposedly first-timers enjoying hardcore cock sucking, butt fingering, rimming, anal slamming and cumshots. Most of the guys are completely hairless or have just a touch of chest hair and don't look like your everyday nubile gay. But it doesn't take long for these studs to start sucking, fucking and blowing their loads.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 1/14/2014
Male Model 57/100
This is a photography site that uses buff, beautiful twinks as its hot subject matter. It provides you with a whole lot of gorgeous pictures, but none of these pics are high-res. Another unfortunate thing about the images is that you can't download them in Zip files. These factors make joining the website a little less tempting than it might otherwise be.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/9/2014
Ben Huller 57/100
Ben Huller has a thing for fucking hot guys who aren't quite as old as he is. He's also quite good at convincing hunky dudes to come back to his place for some dirty fun. The horny guys are often shy about fooling around on camera, but Ben always manages to persuade them to let him film them as they suck his cock and take his dick deep in their ass.
Price: $27.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/10/2012
Teen Boys Island 56/100
Men who have the right priorities in life would graciously accept getting stranded on an island of this kind. Why return to gridlock traffic and asshole bosses when you can watch a sexy teen finger his asshole while stroking his meaty dick? Do you really need to go back to paying taxes or does waking up to a stud cumming on himself sound a whole lot better?
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/16/2014
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