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Join Studs Fun
Rabbit Score: 55%

Two guys decide they want to have a bit of fun and make extra cash, so they dress up as women and sell themselves. The horny customers realize the ruse, but are already so worked up, they just don't care. it's a unique premise, but the small collection is pretty poor in quality and it's not longer growing, so this is one membership you won't mind passing on.

Trial Price: $8.95

Join Boys Abuse
Rabbit Score: 55%

Many straight men get so horny that they'll jerk off and suck each other's dicks when there's no chick around to service them. They'll even go so far as to let other dudes fuck their lubed-up virgin butts bareback if there's extra money to be earned on the set of straight porn that's really just an elaborate setup to trick them into having gay sex on camera.

Price: $11.95

Join Suit Sex
Rabbit Score: 54%

Nothing makes a man more handsome than a finely cut suit, especially when he's wearing it to get down to steamy gay business. The dude-on-dude action here is tailored to make anyone hot. They've got exclusivity going for them and a good focus and size, but they fall short with video quality and you can't download anything, which is a pretty big minus.

Price: $24.95

Join Spank BDSM
Rabbit Score: 53%

Naughty German hotties get punched, kicked and choked by dominant guys. Often the subs are naked, while their aggressors keep their jeans or leather pants on. It makes their vulnerability all the more raw and unprotected when they get mistreated by the Tops. You'll see deep-throat action and even bareback fucking where fingers and a dick slide in together.

Price: $33.99

Join Ass Rimming Roomies
Rabbit Score: 53%

Salad tossing is a hot part of any gay encounter. As a bottom, you may feel that your Top often stops licking your butt too soon. In the world of gay porn, this foreplay seldom takes center stage. That is, until now. This site has vids shot with good angles to show the anal tonguing to its best advantage. If you like salad tossing, you'll love these scenes.

Special Price: $14.95

Join Asian Slave Boy
Rabbit Score: 52%

Who doesn't love a cute Asian twink? Or, more accurately, who doesn't love punishing them? These cuties get stripped down and then covered in clothespins, burned with candle wax and flogged silly. You will also see guys getting led around on all fours while leashed and collared at the neck like a dog. Best of all, the Masters are all Asian twinks themselves.

Price: $25.95

Join Sadist Boy
Rabbit Score: 49%

Germans can be rather kinky, which you'll see from the sexy denim-clad hotties here. They like to dominate a mature submissive and kick him in the nuts, spit on him and stick a sneaker tip up his butt. They also tie him up and lead him around on a leash. There isn't a ton of content, but updates are frequent and this unique BDSM library is mouthwatering.

Price: $28.99

Join Spank Teen Boys
Rabbit Score: 49%

Watch newbie hunks shed tears of pain and pleasure as their virgin asses are probed and pounded by ruthless Masters armed with whips, clips, burning cigarettes, pins and other pain-giving objects. These guys get tortured until they beg for mercy, then reamed until they're begging for more. These bum beatings are brutal, but the number of vids is just too low.

Price: $29.95

Join BDSM Jeans
Rabbit Score: 44%

The gay guys found on this kinky site are German. Most of them model jeans and some appear in videos that feature things like bondage, domination, foot play, dick sucking and ass fucking. While the vids are hot, they're also pretty disappointing, because they can't be downloaded and are merely average-looking. These factors will keep you away from the site.

Price: $28.99

Join Gay Boys Feet
Rabbit Score: 32%

Hunky male coeds take off some of their clothes or even get completely naked, besides showing off their delectable feet. Some also model sexy athletic socks and sneakers. You'll see lovely soles and toes that you so want lick and suck. Unfortunately, with only 15 photo sets and no videos this site is very disappointing and not worth your time or your money.

Limited Trial Price: $3.96

Join HDK Fisting
Rabbit Score: N/A

The gay fisting here is raw, rough and tasty as studs bend over and spread their juicy cheeks, begging for another dude to stretch their tight asshole and pump it full of fist. These muscle Tops and leather daddies don't stop at the wrist or even elbow, though and you wont want to stop watching the vids - which makes it good that there are so many of them.

Limited Trial Price: $6.95

Join HDK Central
Rabbit Score: N/A

Sexy hirsute daddies and gorgeous smooth-skinned hunky guys cum together in hundreds of gay hardcore scenes. There are solo films with lot of jerking off and stripping, as well as bareback orgies where hot studs pile on top of each other for a sexual feast. If you're into fisting and straight-bait, there's plenty of that, too - so give this site a look.

Limited Trial Price: $6.95

Join Gay Fetish XXX
Rabbit Score: N/A

What could possibly make raunchy man-on-man fucking any better? A dash of hot fetish play, of course! Mix it in with your next gay cocktail and you'll see just how intoxicating this combo can be. With handsome guys in leather with cocks bound in Shibari rope play, any fetish treat is impossible to ignore. As is the fact that this site is just feed site links.

Limited Trial Price: $1.95

Join Balloon Guys
Rabbit Score: N/A

Inflation is not always a bad thing. Ignore the news - just look at the gay looners on this good-quality site. Handsome studs blow up balloons, working the latex like it's the sexiest cock they could find. They rub throbbing dicks against the balloons, even play rough by sitting on them and popping them with pins. Balloon fans' balls will B2B with this one!

Price: $19.95

Join Military Pay Per View
Rabbit Score: N/A

These studly soldiers are standing at attention for other hunky servicemen and they're not passing on any chance they get to hook up with them. Rather than invading other countries and going to war, these hung and hot guys are invading asses with their hard cocks in over 88,000 vids - many of which are HD - so, waste no more time and go check it all out.

Price: $3.95

Join Gay Bondage Pay Per View
Rabbit Score: N/A

These good-looking guys like to play a little rough, so it's not uncommon to see them tying each other up, flogging one another or subjecting each other to different kinds of pain. It isn't odd to see these studs sucking cocks or taking dick in the ass in these 2,000+ hardcore and excellent-quality scenes. Those looking for a quality PPV site have found one.

Price: $3.95