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Kinky Peepz 65/100
Stay-at-home moms, college chicks, secretaries after work and random ex-girlfriends. What do they all have in common, you ask? Well they all use social media sites these days, but did you know that many of them don't share photos of their cats, but do of their pussies? You'll find erotic photos and homemade porno movies galore on this hot community site.
Price: $9.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/30/2013
Samantha Charles 65/100
This hot MILF engages in masturbation, lesbian sex and fetishes. You'll find this amateur swinger in hardcore cock sucking and fucking scenes too, not to mention all kinds of orgies featuring multiple amateur players. It could just be a load of lesbians playing together, but other times two or three studs get in on the action. You'll also see kinky WAM play.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/20/2013
She Makes Me Watch 65/100
You never know what Alanna Thomas is going to do next, so it's a good thing her "hotwife hubby" is always on hand to film all the swinging good times! She'll share cum with a gal pal after having a wild orgy and she also sucks and fucks pretty much any guy who wants to have fun with her. She's an amateur performer, but she certainly fucks like a real pro.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/11/2013
Amazing Anna 65/100
Anna is a petite, horny girl who squirts wonderful wetness from her pink pussy when she cums. It's as if it's a fountain that's been turned on full blast. This MILF loves sex and she loves it with men and women - and men and women are more than happy to oblige her desires as they also end up fulfilling their own in the process. It's a horny win-win situation.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/3/2013
Dirty Home Vids 65/100
Amateurs have so much to offer and this hot site is the perfect showcase for what your friends, coworkers and even your boss might be doing behind closed doors right now. For some, watching two, three or even four unseasoned lovers together on screen for the first time is the biggest thrill around. Sometimes the best tips come from those with less experience.
Price: $1.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 9/7/2013
Ex Girlfriends Vids 65/100
Do you ever fantasize about an ex? Here you'll see content that is supposedly devoted to real GFs being exposed. It turns out that rather than user-submitted footage and pics, you'll simply see typical amateur action. There's some masturbation, but most of the time you'll watch lesbians eating out each other's pussies or blowjobs, handjobs and hardcore sex.
Price: $9.95 - Period: 3 days
Date: 6/22/2013
Unlocked Profiles 65/100
Amateur and made-at-home porn is what fills this site. Their claims that the content is being stolen from social network sites is obviously false, but what isn't false is how hot and horny amateur chicks are. Whether they are dancing and stripping in front of a webcam or riding their boyfriend while he films it, they are every bit the stars of these shows.
Price: $1.02 - Period: 3 days
Date: 3/14/2013
Foul Fowl 65/100
When this guy picks up chicks from the streets it isn't fake. You can now watch these working gals found on the streets working over his erect cock. This site has documented his life and adventures over the last decade or so and there have been plenty of lady rentals worth recording. Sucking and fucking and talking are all part of these true reality scenes.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/26/2012
Stolen Clips 65/100
There's an unbelievable amount of porn to be had on the Internet and if you went and collected some from a bunch of different sources, you'd eventually have more than enough to create a giant site of your own. That's what's happened here and the guys who have "stolen" the porn are sharing just about every kind of smut you can think of with the rest of us.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 4/6/2012
Sex My Wife 65/100
It all comes down to one perfect married model with black hair and blue eyes. She loves to suck dick and get fucked by other men while hubby runs the camera and the website. Mandy is a sexy Eurasian model with years of experience doing porn. She loves to try new adult adventures with her hubby, and other studs and chicks in realistic hardcore adventures.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/3/2011
Sex With Ex 65/100
While sex with an ex is always a hot and horny occurrence, hardcore banging is only a small part of what this site is offering. Instead, the focus here is amateur coeds performing alone for the camera as they get themselves off in order to get others off. Some content also is more candid and catches hotties out and about.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/8/2011
Dirty Dating Live 65/100
Swing on by to this sex party site and enjoy lots of amateur couples and strangers sucking and fucking each other at crazy events. You'll find real swinger parties, homemade movies and interviews with real members of this sexy swinging community. These hardcore group sex parties take place all over the U.S., including New York, Maryland, Ohio and more.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/9/2011
Porn Oasis 65/100
Oasis may be an amateur with an amateur website, but she sure acts like a pro when it comes to sucking and fucking. This cock-starved woman loves to have sex and the fact that the number of men that she's sucked and/or fucked on camera numbers in the hundreds seems to attest to that. She loves to screw so much that she often takes several cocks at a time.
Price: $24.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/25/2009
Brianna Ray Nude 64/100
Do you like a hot blonde with experience under her belt? Then you'll love Brianna Ray, because she's up for pretty much anything. You'll see her masturbate, have lesbian hookups, give hot blowjobs and handjobs and have hardcore sex, including interracial and group action. She sometimes likes to get kinky, including a syrupy wet and messy shoot in a bathtub.
Price: $21.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/25/2014
Sweet Ludivine 64/100
This slender French housewife invites you to come and witness all of her sexual exploits. Whether she's fucking and sucking her husband or another guy friend of hers, getting naughty with another chick, giving a blowjob or getting her pussy eaten, this babe's sexual energy meter is always on high! She's got nice boobs, a pretty face and a ravenous appetite.
Price: $29.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/19/2014
Amateur Bangers 64/100
Non-professional performers pose, take off their clothes, suck hard cocks and, as the sitename suggests, get banged. There's quite a lot of variety when it comes to the hardcore action here and the sexy babes and studs performing it. Even though these horny gals and guys aren't pros, they're still quite good at what they do and will get you cumming hard.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 1/14/2014
Private Society 64/100
Real babes respond to ads in their local paper and come to get naked and usually fuck on camera. Some of them are shy and others act like seasoned pros, but either way you will get to enjoy the true beauty of a real amateur doing it on film. From solo play to lesbian action to group sex, it is all here. Real people are just as hot and horny as pornstars.
Price: $19.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 12/21/2013
Real Arizona Amateurs 64/100
It's hot out there in the Arizona desert, so these sexy amateurs are taking a cum shower to cool off. Or maybe they're pouring themselves a refreshing glass of pussy juice in tasty lesbian action. Either way, these novice pornstars get up to raunchy antics when they eagerly let themselves and their sexy pals be filmed sucking and fucking like true pros.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 12/6/2013
More Real Amateurs 64/100
Amateur chicks walk through the door. Some of them think they are there just to model, while others know they are going to get fucked on camera. However, in both cases they end up getting fucked on camera, usually by a dude, but there is some lesbo action to be found as well. It may not be their first time on film, but they sure haven't been doing it long.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 12/5/2013
Banana Hotties 64/100
I think that I only saw one girl actually use a banana to pleasure herself, but most of the time you'll just see chicks sticking fingers, tongues or actual dicks into their pussies on this amateur site. The babes are newcomers who have never appeared on camera before, so they're nervous at first until the action gets underway and then horniness takes over.
Price: $29.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/30/2013
Savanna Knight XXX 64/100
A cute face, a hot set of boobs and curves to spare make Savanna Knight one tasty treat. She adores sex and wants to have it with both women and men. Her enthusiasm is palpable as she dives into her gal pal's pussy, fucks a babe with a strapon or gets on her knees to suck a cock off to a creamy finish. This kinky sweetie gives it her all in every scene.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/26/2013
Check Out My Chick 64/100
Amateur chicks do one of a four things on this site. They either strip and masturbate, pretend to play video games while topless, give handjobs or talk dirty to the camera (humiliation). These chicks aren't pros, but that is how we like them - with all that horny unprofessional joy for what they are doing. It doesn’t hurt that they are also cute and sexy!
Price: $1.98 - Period: 2 days
Date: 10/1/2013
Naked And Live 64/100
These sexy amateur girls are just as horny as pornstars and in many cases probably hornier based on how happy they look as they strip and dance and finger themselves or get more hardcore and suck and fuck cock till a load of cum is given to them somewhere on, or in, their body. They often film themselves, but sometimes their sweet, soft hands are too busy.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 9/10/2013
Dirty Bonnie 64/100
Bonnie is an amateur swinger who is a very good kind of dirty. Her sweet, shaved pussy and fake tits are always on display as she licks ladies and fucks dudes in orgy after gangbang after hot threesome. Her and her swinging friends seem to always be naked and when swingers are naked we all know what happens. If you don't you can see for yourself right here.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/14/2013
British Upskirt Panty Pervert 64/100
The pervert behind this website has a thing for panties and some money to spare. That's why he's paying everyday British women to model for him. The ladies all let him shoot them in their knickers, but some are willing to do a bit more to earn some money. You might see babes baring their boobs, sucking dick or having the pervert jerk off on their panties.
Price: $31.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 6/10/2013
Nasty Adam Eve 64/100
Just like their biblical buddies, this Adam and Eve also can't resist temptation. A hot amateur couple who are always horny suck and fuck each other in scenes of real raunchy action. Eve doesn't mind flying solo or sharing Adam with another chick as long as she gets to lick it too. Naughty parties, intense group sex and threesomes - now that's romance!
Special Price: $12.50 - Period: 30 days
Date: 2/23/2013
Sammy Tyler 64/100
Sammy is a hot blonde who just can't get enough sex. She's always looking to get off and she's more than happy to have men and women take her to orgasm. She's also fine with taking matters into her own hands when need be, so it isn't uncommon to see her masturbating. Whether alone or with friends, Sammy always puts on a sizzling show for her adoring fans.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 4/20/2012
Double View Casting 64/100
This amateur site allows you to alternate between two distinct camera angles as fresh-faced newcomers learn the ways of becoming a pornstar. With their adorable faces, ripe tits and puckered assholes, these babes show off their bodies and talents. You can decide in a moment's notice if you want to see the action from a POV shot or a wide shot.
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 5/11/2011
Stupid Ex GF 64/100
The chicks aren't stupid, they are just really sexy and that is how we like 'em. These amateur hotties play alone and with some very lucky guys and this is good amateur porn. Forget about the claims of hacked social network sites and just focus your attention on these lovelies and their naked bodies doing naughty things.
Price: $10.00 - Period: 10 days
Date: 4/29/2011
Kylie Deville 63/100
My, oh my, I do love Canadian babes and MILF-tastic Kylie is no exception to that drool-worthy rule. She's a hot blonde number who loves to have fun with other chicks in addition to showing her blowjob and handjob skills with her hubby and she also has sex with him. She likes to explore some of her fans' fetishes with feet as well as spank her man's butt.
Price: $21.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 3/11/2014
I Love GFs 63/100
These everyday cuties can't help but be naughty whenever there's a camera around. If they aren't busy shooting naughty pics of themselves in the mirror, they make sure that someone else is snapping away with a camera or filming as they dance, get naked, give blowjobs and fuck their lovers. They might not be real pornstars, but they're just as skilled and hot.
Special Price: $9.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 1/28/2014
Mature Ex GF 63/100
There comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your actions. For example, if you have a sexy mature girlfriend who dumped you after sending you nude selfies and sexy homemade pornos, then the responsible thing would be to upload it online for everybody to see. At least, that's what these exes did. Many babes here aren't that mature, though.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 2 days
Date: 12/10/2013
Czech First Video 63/100
Some people argue that Czechoslovakian chicks do it best. After checking out this site, you might just be inclined to agree. That's because these babes are all brand new to the world of pornography, but even in spite of that, they give some of the hottest blowjobs and ride cocks like seasoned pros. We're sure they'll go far in the industry, so check them out!
Price: $29.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 11/4/2013
Freak Daddys 63/100
Who says married men have to be stuck only getting it on with their wives? This horny husband from Central Ohio first launched his site in 1996 and has been amassing a pretty decent collection of homemade amateur porn starring himself, his wife, his swinger friends and site members who are itching to show off how they look nude and how they suck and fuck.
Price: $10.00 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/24/2013
Crista Lynn 69 63/100
Masturbating, pussy licking, giving blowjobs and riding cock is what this amateur chick claims she was born to do. You'll also find this pale-skinned swinger in a few group-sex scenes with both guys and gals. One thing about this amateur babe is that she never seems tired of all this hot sex. She faces each new sexual encounter with smiling enthusiasm.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/24/2013
Amateur Dumb Fucks 63/100
OK, so these babes probably aren't the smartest gals on the block, but they certainly make up for their airhead personalities with their ability to fuck like pros. Check out these XXX cuties as they take on lots of guys, including a stud named Uncle Jesse (no relation to the one from Full House), who loves nothing more than collecting notches on his bedpost.
Special Price: $16.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 10/8/2013
Brick Yates 63/100
Brick is the man behind everything that goes on on his site. Whether he is just filming the amateur scene or getting his dick involved with the hot chicks he finds, this site is his doing. Some of the scenes are scripted, but most are simple amateur sex sessions with an interview and lots of hardcore sucking and licking and fucking and, of course, cumming.
Price: $1.00 - Period: 1 day
Date: 9/2/2013
Dirty Annie 63/100
Annie is a dirty babe and we mean that in the best way possible. She has had cocks inside her pussy, but she has also put corn on the cob, sausages, a rolling pin and a vase up her pink as well. She also likes chicks and don’t be surprised to see this amateur swinger getting done by a babe with a strapon. Oh, yeah, and she also squirts her muff juice often.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/7/2013
Motown Swingers 63/100
While they were living in Detroit, Alanna and her husband held plenty of swinger parties and she got to lick and bang amateurs from all over the Motown area. Her pussy was pounded many times, her face was covered with plenty of loads of jizz and her husband got his dick inside some horny women as well. Sometimes other amateurs were the stars of the show.
Special Price: $17.95 - Period: 30 days
Date: 8/6/2013
Red Zorro Porn 63/100
Have you ever seen an amateur Hungarian chick suck and fuck a guy in a Zorro mask? Well, now is your chance. These mostly first-timer babes put their wet mouths and tight pussies to work getting the dude hard and getting that load to cover their face or fill their mouth. They also film it all with two cameras, so you get both hot angles at the same time.
Price: $9.99 - Period: 30 days
Date: 7/14/2013
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